You’re not consciously dreaming enough! Are you ready to kill the safety switch?

You’re not consciously dreaming enough! Are you ready to kill the safety switch?

Imagine if all the world you know was a condition and perhaps even a lie to try to control you? To keep you safe perhaps.

Most people choose what they want and who to be based on the influences from media, from what others post they have (which unless you know and truly trust that person you don’t even know is true).

We cannot help but be impacted and influenced by it. The noise is loud so it will be challenging to raise the volume of your inner voice to hear what you really want or what is true for you.

How many times have we seen the editing that goes on in a magazine when it comes to the images of young women and we tell our young girls to be ok with their body and their image and to ignore what the magazines or insta accounts show for many times they only show one screenshot, in ideal light with an ideal filter.

So many young women have distorted body issues, confidence issues, sexual and relationship issues as a result of this. Well, that filter is exactly the same for media and everything you believe to be true about the world that has been presented to you.

From what you believe about climate change, poverty, the environment, the countries we have, the populations that exist, the animals on the planet, the financial system, the world debt, the food sources, the chemicals, the toxicity… It’s all been told to you.

You have no way of verifying it really. Imagine if almost everything was all made up and a lie to somehow put you in a “Truman show” ideal controlled world….If you knew this…..Would you still operate in the limitations that have been subconsciously imposed on you and who you allow yourself to be?

Would you still accept all the negativity and pressure that pushes you into being something and someone you don’t want to be?

Would you still live by default and not truly have the confidence to lift the lid on your deepest desire?

You actually are infinite and haven’t even dreamed of unlocking your brain and body potential to its capacity.

Imagine if you just haven’t dreamed of what is even possible for you yet?

We just don’t consciously dream enough. We don’t use that imagination to its capacity at all. We still only often imagine in that “controlled” and limited kind of way which may be in terms of a certain financial income or having something we think we want.

Kill that safety switch and break, open something you may have never given permission to fly. Imagine if you could lift the veil beyond the veil and fearlessly with curiosity just give permission for next-level expansion beyond any rule and any hypnotic layer you’ve been fed since birth and since being born into this accepted “system”…

These ideas blow my mind…. rightly so and I just make conscious time to expand my energy, ask my soul and God’s source energy to show me what possible potentials I may explore next in awakened states and in dream states.

Here’s to my dream state tonight: Soul you have full permission to work your magic, lift the veil beyond the veil to see the truth, soar and feed that into my walking and waking moments all day, every day!
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