Your Soul Found Me Long Before Your Mind Said Yes To Work Together

Your soul chooses me and never what I do.  Your soul chooses this space.

You may resonate and love 12000 sessions in coaching and kinesiology, transformation or that I am a musician and recognise frequency is the base of all change but again it’s never the modalities I use or the tools I have. Ultimately, it’s about always listening to my intuition and guidance to create the biggest result and impact possible.

Now, I admit there is a special type of person attracted to using and becoming a kinesiologist…. one who is committed to the truth the body has to share but even amongst kinesiologists, there can be a rigidity to process or belief.

Your coach and practitioner will only ever be as good as they are curious to discover your wisdom and truth inside of you and your body. It ALWAYS has the answer. YOU always have the answer…..and YOUR soul pulls intelligence and experience from mine to evolve itself to wherever it needs for the next experience in freedom, health, business, wealth or connection.

For years, I’ve been emphasising it’s NEVER about this essence or that technique or the one modality. I always strive to keep bringing new and wonderful learnings from masters, from technology, from next-level high vibrational tools so that my energy is always matched by the tools I do have access to but nothing at all will ever equal the access and flow of source.

When as a coach and practitioner you give permission for the floodgates to open and BE that 24/7 then the soul keeps bringing more people to serve, more messages to deliver and of course more lives and impact to the community.

It’s always about your soul hearing it’s call and using whatever serves for next level fulfilment.

If your soul says….. you gotta work with me then that’s that. It will find a way to make it happen.

It’s only ever about the soul and that ALWAYS brings results.

Here’s to lifting the lid on limitless!

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