Your Genius Zone


I am very excited to share that later this year I will be releasing a new book called “Your Genius Zone”

Until then, I’d like to explore some ideas with you.

Have you ever considered yourself a genius on any level?

Would you dare think that there is something that only you can do that no one else in the world can do?

Imagine if that very thing was nurtured from the moment you allowed yourself to live this truth?

Imagine we nurtured this as parents from the very moment our children were born?

Just as unique as your DNA is, so is the skill, message and voice you have to share with the world. The question is, will you dare to BE it?

There is no doubt in my mind that you already are it, however, whether you choose to express it is your choice. Will you choose it?

Now I don’t know whether I consciously chose it from a young age or whether my father kept impressing it but I always knew that I had a unique message to share with the world in a way that no one else could.

The very idea that I didn’t was absurd.
In fact, how old anyone possibly share my message my way when they were not me?!

It wasn’t possible.

So began a long journey of experimenting and experiencing various versions of my message.

From singing in grade five infant of a whole school with my father accompanying me on piano with “Slow Boat To China”, an old jazz favourite to experiencing a total shut down of expression due to shyness and never wanting to be seen, to becoming Australia’s youngest qualified kinesiologist and then bringing music back in, fully integrated I can say that I feel comfortable being many different voices, playing many different roles and recognising that in each experience the same qualities were coming through. It’s these very qualities that I was searching for for years and could not see.

It is these qualities that have highlighted my genius zone and all the experiences that have led to this zone only serve to give me choice as to the method and speed in which to reach my genius zone at a moments notice.

Your genius zone is not a zone to search for. It is the zone that is always there, waiting for you to arrive and land.

It is like a landing pad that is vacant only for you.

Your genius zone is the zone where you experience lucid flow and unleashed energy for invite creative, solutions, limitless expression, expansion and timelessness.

You Genius Zone is that which you have experienced before in several states.

We can sometimes access it through meditation but the challenge is to find the activity or expression only you can deliver to the world or your environment, experience your mastery of it or inside it and experience meditative brain states whilst in a delivery of it.

Your Genius Zone is not something you can learn but is something you practise over and over and over again as an expression of your free form self and on the way you and that expression are one in the same.

When you take a moment to look at what it is you so effortlessly create or bring about in life and you explore the very fibre that brings that experience together, you will recognise your genius zone.

Let’s look at an example.

What is one thing that you know how to manifest or create in your life without a doubt?

What is something that you just know is a done deal, a wrap the moment you decide to do it?

What is something that you consistently show up for as the best version of yourself and you walk away thinking “yup, I’m great! I nailed it again! I love how easily this happens!”

What is something that when you focus and dive into “the state”, you feel on fire, or alive or the rest of the world falls away and you create a masterpiece?

Consider that there is something you consistently do brilliantly and yes, life presents a “you” shaped cut out that only “you” can walk through to deliver.

Will you claim it?

Now imagine that if you ignited the choice to claim it and connected that choice to the very message you are passionate about sharing or experiencing. What kind of a world would you be living in?

I made that choice and since I made that choice not only have I rewritten my future, the past serves to be a whole new world of references that support my message. The present serves only to give me the opportunity to evolve more of the past experiences. These further serve that message as fuel for sparking moments greater fulfilment and living with a feeling of being in awe.

After giving over 10,000 sessions and assisting people to rewire brain and body, revitalise their energy and soul and working with people from complex trauma, childhood sexual assault, everyday people wanting to create better versions of themselves to working with millionaires, directors, A-list movie stars and CEO’s from top level corporations I have discovered a few things about what gets us into “the zone” and get out the way so that you can live in “your genius zone”.

In this book I will cover the top 5 ways to navigate you effortlessly toward solutions in your personal life and business as well as the key components to living, sustaining and thriving in your genius zone.

I have combined my work and background in retraining brains and bodies through kinesiology as well as my work as a recording and performing artist to bring music and medicine together bringing foundations of what Einstein and Tesla discovered hundreds of years ago.

I believe that most of the world has not been ready for what these visionaries and futurist thinkers had to share however as we accelerate in time and more and more inauthentic behaviour and marketing competes for our attention now is the time that we cannot afford to ignore our genius zone. “Your Genius Zone” is what differentiates you without competition and will save you in a noisy world that threatens to drown out individuality.

Claiming Your Genius Zone is the survival guide to attain success with fulfilment for success without it is completely meaningful.

Stay tuned for more on my book and its release date later this year.