You Give So Much Yet It’s Not Shown Up In Your Bank Account

You have massive dreams, people are drawn to you and you know you were destined for more.

You give so much to others yet you struggle to buy the things you want or even need to survive because your clients are not paying you what you are with.

You are or have supported people and they love your insights, they love what you have already created in your life and you seem to wonder why you have not made squillions of dollars or why you are still searching for the missing link to you feeling inside that you got this, you are valued and you are growing your business.

Let me share with you something that may be THE KEY as to whats holding you back. Just maybe this could take you to the next level and step for you!

Ok… here it is.

Can you full heartedly and honestly say that “ I AM WORTH IT. I DESERVE IT. I HAVE EVIDENCE EVERYWHERE OF ME BEING WORTH ALL THAT (money, love, health freedom) AND MORE”

Feeling worthy and being worthy is an overused term in the high performance and self-development industry but it’s also the most underestimated concept.

Thousands of clients that I work with such as artists, leaders, CEOs and other high achievers actually say that they want to feel that they are worthy and deserving of what they want to create.

Often high achievers feel guilty because of all the sacrifices they made to “getting there” like missing time with kids and family or not building a relationship.

Often people who are aspiring to go high level and achiever have put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own and feel guilt around having to be “selfish”

Signs that you feel unworthy:

  • Have already created success stories for clients yet undercharge for your service.
  • Don’t put some self-time first.
  • Doing everything yourself at home or in your business.
  • Don’t ask for help.
  • Feel uncomfortable when people give you compliments.
  • Have not put time aside and organised either your kids/ your team / your life around developing and building your business, your craft, your idea, your website, your book, your song.
  • Haven’t automated consistent savings into a wealth account.
  • Not being able to say no.
  • Feeling drained from overdoing for others.
  • Criticising self for not feeling loving enough.
  • Being upset that others don’t tune in to me as much as I tune in to them.
  • Working so hard to be considerate that I suppress my real feelings.
  • Afraid of confronting others or making someone uncomfortable.
  • Prefer to give first so you don’t owe or put anyone out.

Many people that I work with have created incredible lives yet feeling worthy, being worthy and feeling they deserve it all correlates directly to the degree that they feel fulfilled and happy inside of those lives.

There are many successful people in six and seven figure incomes and businesses who to the outside world seem to have it all, however some of the biggest blocks that I’ve discovered working with these people are that they cannot enjoy it and they feel they lack fulfilment inside what they’ve created. Many are driven by the feeling of not being enough or guilt.

Others who have not created that success yet completely undervalue their gift and offer.

For the people who have a deep desire inside of them to serve others, make a difference, create the life that they want, the business and income, time and freedom they want, the missing step is action.

Not just any action. The right kind of action. Backed by a deep self worth.

We will only take the necessary action to have those things if we actually feel worthy of having them.

If you are feeling like you are undervaluing yourself, not getting paid your worth, giving your time for free, helping everyone you know and finding it hard to cover your own expenses then know that there is a way through and I have helped thousands of people step up and charge what they are worth so they can have the income to be able to serve more people.

When you are not getting paid, its difficult to give out more.
So I invite you to check-in . Do you actually feel worthy of the very things that you want?

If you really ask yourself, have you placed conditions and limitations on having those things?

In fact why can’t you have those things just because you breathe and just because you exist?

Somewhere along the way, somewhere in our upbringing we were taught that to have what we want was conditional. Perhaps you were taught that your gift should be given for free?

That spiritual work or helping other human beings should not be charged for? Or that money isn’t important because serving and contributing is all that matters.

I value you! I think that you have incredible gifts and abilities that can help hundreds and thousands of people however there is only one of you and to grow the amount of people you serve, there is a system to shift through the blocks and scale your business.

Are you ready?

Want to shift it? Check this out!

Perhaps you were taught that you will be loved or approved of if you did x, y and z! And the only way you were loved if you kept serving others.

How may this apply to you and in your growing business or in your growing life for fulfilment?

If you don’t feel worthy of the business that you want to create or feel worthy of an income goal then you won’t take the necessary action to build that business whether it is that you want to write a book, whether it is that you want to take a holiday, whether it is that you want to create a program or serve 20 clients a week!

No matter what it is you won’t do the necessary action if you don’t feel worthy of the thing you want.

You totally transform this! Yes you can! How do I know?

Because I relate to everything I have written here and transformed it as I keep going to my next level.

Want to do something about it and get to your next level? I invite you to shift your shit, own and sell your gift!
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