You are the gateway. Your consciousness is the gateway!

You are the gateway. Your consciousness is the gateway!

Will you dive into the fear and drama presented by mainstream media to elicit more fear and rage and disconnection?

How about that book, song or instrument you wanted to write, sing or learn to play? Or that book you wanted to read?

Or that new business you wanted to start yet never did and it’s tickling and dancing in the background waiting for your attention?

Everything outside is robbing you of freedom of expression. Feeling great is a choice you have and how you choose to respond to what’s going on around you is still up to you.

Now is the time for appreciation of what you have in front of you. Such as the love from friends, family and come back to the pure intention, you see inside their soul and heart.

I dare to say many of my circle and outside my circle want people to be well, successful, healthy and happy ….. we all have different ideas about how to create that.

This is the power of choice we have at “some level” and the biggest choice is how you choose to treat others and how you behave.

No matter what you think of the person next to you, who agree with you or not, can you still be kind?

Or are you aggressive, righteous and simply nasty?

Here’s the cutest image ever of Anezka and her friend Jasmine! Thank god for these little ones to distract me from the BS and help me keep things real.
Love is limitless- so Are you!