You Are Already The ONE THING in Multiple Expressions

It’s time to get out of the box.

Recently I had a conversation with a fellow artist and we spoke about being boundless and living beyond the limitations of labelling the music we create.

Are you done with having to be ONE thing in ONE box just so others can “get” you or categorise you?

Or that you have to be in ONE box to market yourself?

I spent almost a decade being boxed up into certain genres of music and sound just so I could live in a particular category on iTunes but somewhere along the way, I got sucked into my boxed self and then boxed my self into what I should create.

Of course, each album or piece of work had a genre or sound but I would limit myself to that and what I created always sat within that box.

Then came the time enough was enough. My bio always said I was a genre-bending Queen and so I am til this day.
I’m a genre-bending Queen and a Queen of vibration, transformation and of creation. I know I am a creation machine because there is evidence of my art everywhere.

Are you done with having to separate yourself or your career or life into sections just so others can consume you in a way that is convenient for them?
HELL NO I say!

Your soul, your creativity, your message has no box, has no limit and is totally boundless to whatever it is that you’ll allow through you.

It’s time to STOP with the boxes and STOP with being the one thing because you already ARE the one thing in a multitude of manifestations and expressions you choose.

All you need to know is what you stand for and those that resonate with you will follow.

Speaking with another client this morning, she said she felt lost and not sure where to go next in her career or projects because she felt nothing was really making any money etc. She is unclear of direction because nothing really was growing.

After 2 minutes of chatting she said she loved being with kids and in the conversation I inspired her – well actually she inspired herself, I just made it clear it was her heart talking, to act inside that direction and speak about her expertise as a nanny and grandmother and her love of being with little ones…… she’s now inspired to launch her blog and align all the other projects already in her space to this passion.

From this passion, she’ll lead and all other things will follow suit. She’s claimed her love and I have no doubt she will own it.
I also know so many people that would pay handsomely to have their precious and dearest looked after someone who IS the grandma energy, not just a “need the cash” nanny.

Enough became enough for and she pulled herself in and so I am excited to see her process as I already know she is a SUCCESS. She has the habits and energy to be amazing and now she has clarity and doesn’t feel boxed in by her old limitations she will soar.

Whether it was managers or marketers who worked with me over the years, everyone was boxing me in and I was always defending myself and who I really was.

I got sick of it.

It was done.
No more.
I couldn’t breathe and just didn’t have the resources to keep pedaling and keep things separate so inevitably it all.

Now there is no separation.
The musician, the mentor, the kinesiologist, the crazy artist, the mother, the author, the entrepreneur…..We are all one.

You ARE enough as is ANY one of your expressions and I can’t wait to see them.

Join me for ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….. launching Sat May 4th……

Details soon.

I am also SUPER excited… well thrilled to say ONLY HUMAN is also coming soon.
Here is the Album title.


We have an available spot……at the Sydney Kinesiology clinic with my team

And of course, if you’d like a 1:1 with me – just reach out!