Quoted as the “real” deal and a “game changer” by celebrity artists, actors and high profile CEO’s, Anikiko cuts through to the core with a no BS straight down the line efficient approach to creating results. Not for the faint-hearted if you want to upgrade and upscale, surrender into your greatness and genius, Anikiko will take you there. Ditch the excuses and step into your potential now. Not tomorrow. Now.

Anikiko is an artist both in her musical work as well in her wellbeing company True Voice Global and merged the two fields together ever so uniquely so that with her team ignites and empowers the heartbeat behind the brand by aligning organizations and individuals true voice with their body, brain, brand and business. In fact, fortune 500 companies use some of the same strategies for growth and business performance not just for CEO’s but for teams within the business. She also works celebrities, high-profiles who value trust and results fast. Anikiko has worked with businesses to hep grow from small (under 1 million) to multi-million dollar empires.

A top notch Kinesiologist and coach Anikiko has worked with over 12,000 people in one to one or group trainings. She is the director of Sydney Kinesiology. She is the creator of Music Nutrition (audio programs and frequency medicine for brain performance, focus and relaxation) and recognises the power frequency and vibration have in success creation. Anikiko has woven her voice, success formulas and music into events and programs. She has spoken at and performed events such as Opera House New Years Eve and performed with the symphony orchestra 2016 Ignite, International Shows USA and ASIA, Corporate events, Gala events, Sydney Festival.

Edutainer (educational entertainer) and an endless researcher of brain and body human potential and sustainable health Anikiko’s background in kinesiology, vibrational medicine and psychology give deeper insight to working with clients and her strategies help leaders and aspiring leaders, artists and entrepreneurs uplift and enliven vision for results and world impact.


  • FastTrack to fulfilment
  • PREPARE TO PROSPER from your Passion!
  • Fastrack to fulfilment
  • Go from Day job to desire job
  • Upgrade, uplift and upscale our business, brain and body
  • Align and upgrade your self-image
  • tap into your genius
  • Organise and prioritise your next step
  • Accelerate deep healing so you can get on with your purpose
  • Navigate through the toughest challenges
  • Build resilience
  • Create confidence like never before
  • Fortify trust in life and your process
  • Tap into meaning and your unique purpose
  • Strategic alignment for business
  • Energetic alignment for lifestyle and business integration
  • Connect to your A-team
  • Remove blocks
  • Access blindspots
  • Release trauma
  • get your DNA specific genomic testing and assess results
  • Get full nutritional support for optimum energy and performance
  • Repair damaged cells and tissue
  • Release cellular damage
  • Break up with heartache and betrayal both in business and personal life
  • Listen to your own body
  • Release the need to rely on other guidance
  • Tap into full intelligence
  • Access your brain capacity
  • Create biochemical balance
  • Access frequencies and coherence for mind, body, business and soul
  • Ditch Doubt
  • Transform trauma and stubborn issues
  • Ditch Defensiveness and access deep joy and happiness