What “Pisses” You Off, Shows You Your Greatest Values

It’s been a while since I let out a reaction but I had one today! They say keep close a great doctor, lawyer and accountant you can trust! Great ones will change your life and average ones can literally end up costing you your life, business and relationship!

Who do you keep close – who is your A-team? Mine is my husband, my bestie, my Kinesiologist and mind-body medicine colleague, my accountant and handful of favourite music co-writers!

The other day I spent thousands and thousands more than I am comfortable sharing right now with a lawyer who cost time, energy, money and possibly a contract due to the time wasted in poor and disempowering communication all the while charging $$$$$$ for one line emails to me. I’ve learned something invaluable – and it’s about the worth and value of what music does and what creatives, artists, game changers do in terms of change and how we change lives.

You may know me as a performer and game changer but others know me as a mom, an entrepreneur or coach, kinesiologist who has over delivered over 10,000 sessions of kinesiology or given motives talks at events. I’ve had people come up to me after hearing a 3 min song saying it was a moment that changed their life because they saw themselves inside my song or it made them move and let go like never before or that when I have worked with people in a consultation space to help them be their true voice as an actor, artist or entrepreneur I have literally had people say that they have shifted a block they’d be working through for over 10 years in one session with me.

I use music and medicine to be the best version of myself and I guess I just get so angry and enraged that there are people out there who not only used fear tactics but also use bullshit jargon that issue industry specific so to disempower you and your choices so that you are forever dependant on them.

This again highlights to me that I stand PROUD to empower people to make powerful choices, I write music that empowers the part of you that feels vulnerable and soothes the soul and I deliver inspiring work that leaves people feeling like they have hope and that I am no more special than them, that they too can truly create and heal whatever they need….. why? because they just can and I have evidence of it happening everyday in my life.

I don’t know if you have had a similar story but whenever I am so frustrated and now especially in some legal issues, it highlights that I know exactly what my real values are and that l choose to ONLY work with those who above all treat you like a human being and empower you with information that will serve you. Those who encourage, are transparent and real!

Here’s a track that gets me back on my A Game and reminds me that we are all a SUPERFORCE! written with one of my favourite co-writers!

Here is the music I use to help me feel focused and clear!