What is kinesiology used for?


Kinesiology is a kind of therapy that has received its good share of criticism over time. Kinesiology is used to treat a lot of body disorders including:

• Pain
• Stress, anxiety, and confusion
• Back problems
• Depression
• Sports injuries
• General wellbeing
• Respiratory issues
• Nervous disorders and many others

Whatever kind of disorder it is, injury, trauma, unresolved stress or other disorders occur, energy flow in the body is interrupted, and the whole body is affected. Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to locate what kind of disorder is causing imbalances in the body and tries to correct it. The good thing with kinesiology is it doesn’t require a lot of effort, but it certainly requires effort, commitment and follows through.

Once you get started with kinesiology, it is recommended that you follow the sessions consistently to allow it to take full effect. Kinesiology monitors all parts of the human body and when the imbalances are found it helps you get to the bottom of it.

With kinesiology, you get to the root of the problem and uproot it from its core. Whatever you think might be causing imbalances in your body like stress, confusion and anxiety might just be a scratch on the surface. The real problem might be lying deep down in you waiting to be sorted out.

Kinesiology balances the energies in your body and it deals with one or more of your stress factors at a time. With kinesiology, you are assured that the solution will be fund deep within you.

How it is done

A kinesiologist can use different ways to treat a patient which include:

Chemical testing.  Here, the kinesiologist will test a substance that is suspected to upset your balance on your tongue or stomach while your arm muscle is also tested. That substance is ruled out or confirmed to be the problem after the test.

Meridian tracing.  Meridians are known energy paths in the body that lead to the vital organs in the body such as the liver. Brushing or massage stimulate the energy flow within these organs. This is also called subtle energy balancing, and it is a kinesiology technique that has proved to be very effective.

Nutrition and diet.  Kinesiology is used to assess a person’s nutritional status which include food intolerances and allergies, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and other chemical sensitivities. We are what we eat and how we utilize nutrition. Kinesiology can be used to help determine what works best for you and what is not good for you.

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