What are your non-negotiables?

Feeling feline is where I’m at right now! Enjoying falling back, baking bread, launching new biz and products all from a state of allowing and follow! And it’s of course flowing into client work! How could it not?!

I’ve worked bloody hard to manifest being a boss babe with a touch of badass in the biz and it has all come from cultivating my fierce Leo passion and being disciplined to follow my flow in the biz. Creativity is a yap that overflows if you let it. It keeps on giving if you harness it. It will not, however, visit you or knock on your front door if you are never home to receive it!

Everything you want or love or value…. same thing… wants your love and attention or appreciation. Be honest. For the results you want, are you showing up to receive them? Or just bitching about why they have not yet come?

I’ve done the work all whilst managing energy disorders, endocrine disorders, spinal injuries and birthing babies. Easy? Hell no… perhaps it’s been that I’ve come close to losing life a few times and I’ve actually been scared I may not be around long enough to see all my babies grow…. maybe I wanted to make the most of every breath and moment.

I’m not sure all the reasons but I’ve lived through challenging relationships and been in barely enough $$ to float the dream yet soul had my back. I was always taken care of. What leap will you make? What are your non-negotiables?

Recently, I was speaking to an amazing mamma who said …. how can you do it? I cannot focus on anything other than my kids and then my brain is fried.
The only reason I can do what I do is because doing what I love is non-negotiable in my life. Being paid to do is not negotiable as well, however, it’s come to a point where paid or not, there is ALWAYS abundant flow on multiple levels so it’s a not negotiable” for me to be in flow and not stand in the way of abundance moving through me, my life, my family, … in fact any extension of my world. What are your non-negotiables?

This sexy feline is Bentley! Such a gorgeous feline! Thank you @ms_amana for the cuddle with your baby! #truevoiceglobal #anikiko #mompreneur #mumpreneur #vibration #healing #health