What Are Limiting Belief and How They Limit Our Success


Am not perfect, why would someone hire, listen or buy from me, I don’t deserve it or am not worth it, I’ll sound stupid, are some of the things we have heard many people say when they come to visit us for the first time. These are some of the common limiting belief that we keep hearing on a daily basis. They held us back from unlocking and achieving our true potential and making a true impact on our business, career and our overall life.

How limiting beliefs clearly limit our success

Limiting beliefs are something that we believe about ourselves, our work or our business. They are words that stab us in the back as we try to move forward towards success. They can as well be described as success limiting inner energies that almost everyone carries with them. They held us back from getting our first job, or even taking a bigger step in our lives like starting a family. When most of us a challenged to brainstorm about what’s preventing us from taking action, most of us will come up with a list that looks like this:

  • I don’t have time. This can be translated as I don’t really want to do these things or I don’t want to make the change.
  • I don’t have enough resources. We focus too much on external resources like skills, money or credentials to give ourselves the permission to remain stuck and not unlocking our internal resources like willpower and passion for starting to grow naturally.
  • It’s too late to change. We tend to focus on the time, date and period to accomplish X, Y and Z and neglect to utilize the opportunity unfolding right in front of our eyes.
  • I have too many responsibilities. It feels like we have too much responsibility to take care of and we can’t manage to create some time for a change or taking care of important things.
  • A have no clue. We feel like we don’t know who we are and this gives us the chance of neglecting ourselves and our responsibilities.

These are just some of the common limiting beliefs that most people carry, but it doesn’t mean there is no chance for the transition. During the transition time, kinesiology sessions can be of major benefits. Booking for a kinesiology session at Sydney Kinesiology will help you unlock your potential and make the much needed transition. You have new beliefs that are totally opposition from limiting beliefs.