Wake Up and Break the Circuit

Okay,  so you recognise that you have a voice, a message or a mission.
Whether that mission is to write a song, release an album, hit an income goal, pay off a debt, write a course, a book, a program, attract more clients or speak on stage, or transform the way we run this country it does not matter!

Whatever your truth, your message or mission, there is a part of you or maybe the majority of you that is just not acting on it.

Maybe you act on it some days or months, life gets in the way and you are sucked back into the old responses and ways you used to do and all of a sudden a year later, you still feel the same way.

I get it.

This may be a little painful right now but let’s just get honest for a moment.

  1. In what area of your life are you out of integrity right now?
  2. Is it the way you speak to your kids? Your wife? Your Husband? Your parents?
  3. Are you eating sugary foods, getting KFC far too often, missing meals or not stocking your cupboard with the right foods you know will keep you performing at your best?
  4. Are you spending your time watching Netflix and gulping down seasons justifying it’s your relax time?
  5. Are you hanging out on social media for hours getting distracted by what everyone else is doing?

Let’s take a moment to stock take your activity.

Go ahead, take that moment then read on.

Did you do it?  For this to work get clear about where you may be out of integrity with what you want. 3 actions or behaviours.

Ok great. Thanks for doing it because I want you to not waste your time reading this. I want you to get a result.

Now ask yourself this………

Is what I want really that important to me?  Or my family?

A scale of 0 – 10. 11 being “the volume is way up and I am getting this result! It is done”

Some of you have a desire to take life to the next level in terms of choosing an inner level of success and fulfilment. You have been in a job or business that just does not speak to you and you are ready for something new. Something more meaningful.

For others, you already are doing what you want but you have flatlined. You are stagnant and want to refine or step it all up a new notch but you have not decided on which part to carve out and keep.

Others just want to go to the next level in being more present in a relationship important to you.

OK, now you have answered my questions if your desire is less than 8/10 you won’t do it or get it done.


Did you throw it away? Great! You have BROKEN THE CIRCUIT.

Next. Now, what do you really want?

If you kept it awesome!

If you had the time, money, freedom to live each day on your own terms, what would life look like to you?  What would each day look like? Who would be in your life? Who would exit?

Write it down…

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