Top 3 Reasons Goals Fail And How You Can Create Ones that Succeed


We all have our own goals in life. Setting goals give us the will to strive towards and makes us to be more confident every time we hit it. Usually, we feel so much guilt of setting goals that we fail to achieve. Why? Read on the reasons below:

1. They are too big.

Goals don’t work so the first thing to do is to ditch them! Let them go! Yes, many people are still holding on to old ideas, beliefs and goals and punishing themselves for not fulfilling them so they are driven by guilt, a promise or a goal that was just too big for their nervous system to handle.
So, what you should do is to create a vision that inspires you and makes your whole body and brain buzz. An intention is like a roadmap for your whole being to create all sorts of amazing adventures along the way of living and pursuing a state being you would like to embody. I usually ask people what they would most want to embody.

2. Goals are often projections of what others want for us or what we should do to please others.

We tend to set goals to get something or have a need met which is often created to really buying ourselves relief and not necessarily creating fulfilment.

If you gave yourself permission to truly be selfish and see yourself as receiving the biggest gift you could imagine, what would it look like, feel like and taste like? What would you see yourself doing and being? Answering these questions will make you more motivated to achieve and succeed with your goals.

3. We focus on the wrong things.

If you haven’t created an alignment of feelings, actions and anchors to get the results and outcomes you most want then clarity and focus will falter and people may end up obsessing over details and perfectionism without really making a dent in their real intention.
Come and think. Are you really focusing on your passion, strength and intention and delegating that which you don’t need to do? Focus on what your heart desires and everything will just follow.

The road to a successful and happy life is never easy. It takes a lot of hard work, passion, and dedication and you must prepare yourself for times of almost giving up. Success is a work in progress. Learning from our mistakes in the past can help us to become better. That’s why it is essential to ignite our next months, dissolve and diffuse all the unfinished business and mental or emotional charge from the past.

You have come so far but if you’re still aiming for a huge leap in your life, we can help you get there!



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