The way out is through!

9 weeks old and born into a very new world where we are sporting our new masks by Pippa May thank you!

I’ve been home now 5 weeks with this precious Queen and it’s astounding to just keep the balance of all this new world stuff but also creativity and ideas coming through for new biz innovation.

Soooooooo much coming through at the moment and I find myself trying to balance it all. Like launching a new product whilst being a present mum.

A new mum and mother of 2 was my only agenda for the last 2 months and the next few months whilst balancing running a biz and now dealing with effects of this world disruption all while steering a ship and keeping the farm calm!

How am I combining all my lives In This emerging world? I’m curious!!!

I love being mum
I love being a creator
I love being an artist
I love being a transformational kinesiologist and success coach
I love being a Chief Energy Officer managing family, energy, business and some!

I am also super open to being a better receiver on all levels especially in upping my patience game and kindness game during 5-7.30pm thank you!! (Kids bedtime)

Now is a time for conviction and certainty in such uncertain times.
I am the solution, just like you. What’s happening now isn’t happening to us, it’s happening through us.

The ONLY way out is THROUGH.

What are you creating? What can you create?

As external authority collapses and invites inner conviction and authority to emerge….. what’s going to emerge in you?

Conviction commands presence and literally tells energy to “go fetch” so what inner conviction emerges from within you?

It’s such a challenging time right now but also an exciting one as we face the future together and I truly believe that what you now imagine, what you dream about is what we can create.

Feel good.
Create the solution.

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