An introduction level and taster of how to Amplify and Enhance your Consciousness using the 3 most important ingredients of Light, Sound and Vibration!

Join us as Anikiko reveals essential keys, empowering you to not only dream but also take concrete steps toward creating the life you’ve always envisioned. Embrace these transformative principles and embark on a journey towards fulfillment, success, and the realization of your deepest aspirations.

Limited places. $120 (includes 1.5hrs in the EEroom)

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About Anikiko

Anikiko is the creator of the BE system to align body, brain, being and business for leaders, game changers, biz owners and entrepreneurs. For Anikiko the business of being you is a spiritual and energy mastery game, and she serves those ready to step into their next level now at a whole new paradigm of fulfilment.

Anikiko uses the power of her voice frequency, sound, and vibration with music she has recorded specifically to transport audiences and clients into results they can see, touch, and feel. Her 25 years with over 12,000 sessions behind her have shown Anikiko the keys and catalysts to change, transformation and success.

Creating a Paradigm Shift with Anikiko

  • Aurelia Energy Healing 286-288 New Line Road Dural, NSW, 2158 Australia (map)