The Success Story About Wellness Wednesday Events

Since April, Sydney Kinesiology has been holding the wellness Wednesday event every Wednesday of every week. The key of hosting the wellness Wednesday events is to encourage health and wealth overall well-being while still keeping it fun, engaged and inspired. People from all walks of life are using the wellness Wednesday event as a way to robust their health, inspiration, and keep them happy and productive.


There are many other factors why people decide to attend our wellness Wednesday events. Those who attended our wellness Wednesday in the month of April had the opportunity to meet and listen to Clare Mathews, one of our guest motivational speaker who is an international skin lecturer and a beauty therapist.

Clare Mathews represented her incredible range of men’s skin care products that are manufactured using indigenous biochemistry. Through her inspirational and motivational talk, most people learned various ways on how to take good care of their skin and how to start a career/ business in beauty and progress.


We also hosted Vickie a health coach, raw food teacher and a kinesiologist, who answered questions about raw food and its increasing benefits in our life. Vickie is passionate and fascinated about health and she enjoys sharing her experience with other people through attending programs like wellness Wednesday.

Another thing that people learned in our April wellness Wednesday events is about Probiotic Solutions. This was the most intriguing and fascinating presentation as people learned about mind-blowing technology that showed there are millions of friendly bacteria. The Probiotic Solutions will help them sort out bad bacteria and turn their home into a healthy ecosystem.

Wellness Wednesday has also been beneficial to people who feel stuck, held back, stressed and overwhelmed with day to day life and practices.

It has helped them uncover how to:
• Find career clarity
• Set up goals and the future pace for success
• Breakthrough being unclear and limiting beliefs that hold us back
• Change your mindset
• Create a sustainable self-care plan
• Getting what you want

Our ultimate wellness Wednesday workshop has left many people confident to break the limits and kick start some serious goals in their business, career or life, pursue these goals, look after their well-being and set your body, mind, and energy towards success.

Wellness Wednesday events at Penrith clinic and our new clinic in the city, the Clarence St. clinic are open to everyone who would like to attend. Visit and take your first step towards, wellness and success. Walk away feeling energised, excited and ready to kick some goals in your life.