The Queen has arrived!

Wow! What an incredible 9 days!

So when I had the intuition our baby girl would arrive early, I was not prepared for how early!

It was only just last Sunday I had a beautiful baby shower with a few girlfriends and had a big belly like this.

To just a few days later, my water broke and after about 4-5 days of birthing and labour, our little Queen Anežka Mila Malinova was born on Jan 28, 2020, coming in at exactly 33 weeks, a whopping 3.4kg.

I am just amazing at the human spirit and body and its ability to sustain life and transformation.

Your body, my body, her little body, all our bodies and just incredible forces of life, spirit and nature living through every cell, every breath, every particle and when I was at my wits end because there were certain things my body was just not responding to I trusted that her little spirit had already chosen her path into this world and my body as her perfect vessel.

Letting go and surrendering more than I ever have is the reason I feel lucky to be alive today.

Some of you know the medical challenges I’ve had in my life which kept doctors and this particular birth in close monitor and yet I’m amazed at how lucky I was to pull through such a week.

Our baby Anežka was super chilled through the whole process and never once has a sign of any distress and at this stage, she is super strong and well.

She will remain in hospital til she is full-term so a few more weeks til I can bring her home.

As I reflect in every life situation and see the parallels in all of the human transformation, I’m reminded of the power of prayer and meditation and focus.

In between delirious moments of no sleep for almost a week, I took time to meditate and command my body to get into supersonic healing.

I’ve been determined to be able to repair and come back at the healthiest ever year of my life thus far. On all levels abundance, health and ultra joy and this is the same energy I reflect back to you all.

For those who had sessions and programs while I was pregnant, then you may have noticed how much amplified the energy and healing was… well, it’s because you not only had me but also a very clear little being amplifying energy and my instinct and intuition which I can now say are super high and even stronger.

So help me welcome this gorgeous little soul into our world and community!

I will be maintaining the Genius Zone Online Mastermind regularly and for those that have an arrangement with sessions/programs, you know where we are at.

See you all soon and online and once I settle into a schedule, I’ll let you know what’s available.
In the meantime, Ann and Angela are doing sessions at Sydney Kinesiology and online both for Bioresonance Quantumbio healing and Kinesiology.

Life is limitless and so are you!


  • Is it your intention to truly find an easier more aligned path this year that speaks to the lifestyle you have always wanted?
  • Is it your intention to actually step into vibrant health and be a greater example to those around you of exactly the person you want to be?
  • Have you noticed that your innermost self is calling you to do something?

To take some massive and immediate aligned actions!

When you’re clear on your intention, you take inspired action that’s in alignment with your words and truth.

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