The Power of Four Words: What Matters to You?

What mattered most to you today?

I’ve been in a love bubble all day!

Inside of light all day. In the highest vibes, I can imagine.

Let me share them with you!

I’ve been discovering what my new harmony between creating babies, creating new a fun business and just enjoying my week balancing sleep and rebuilding my body after a lot of physical challenges actually is.

Writing pieces for upcoming courses and a few new biz contracts coming in… I’m writing content from a space that literally comes from observing everyday life with my babies.

What’s also super interesting is that my brain has literally opened up memories I forgot I had. This has been happening for the last 2 years actually.

I’m remembering such specific details I’d long forgotten and it’s just astounding to me how much brain function and memory has accelerated inner transformation.

So my message to you is:

Do whatever it takes to stay in harmony, in a verse of one love (universe), symphony and synchrony with whatever gives you freedom.

No matter what your universe, I dare you to step in and just fall in love with it as is. Even with the pain it may present. Use your words to spell out conscious creations you most want to see in your reality.

Know you have all you need.

Know there is ALWAYS more than enough.

The idea that there is not enough is absurd and not possible.

Don’t believe that whatever you think you know or have been taught is the ultimate TRUTH…. however, you have complete access to feel the truth and be a sovereign being, with the ability to master your energy.

Don’t believe the current system we are living in as it’s literally been made to only support separation…. not actual compassion and empowerment.

Flick the switch on knowing you can always have more than enough, be more than enough and share more than enough.

Ditch the “spiritual elite-ism” as we are ALL equal just at different levels of awareness.

Ditch whatever does not serve you but if a being reaches out and asks for help or in need of your humanity then jump to serve them as it’s the greatest gift you can give…. serve another.

Give yourself permission on ALL levels to be your #creative genius.