The Number 1 Solution to Immunity and Quantum Health

No matter which philosophy or approach you take all roads lead back to your gut.

After all, it’s one of the brains in your body.

I’ve made a point of when working with leaders and those who want to go their next level to address the alignment of the three brains for ultimate success.

Your brain in your head, the one in your gut and of course the supreme ruler, the heart.

The most important?

The heart-brain, then the gut and followed by the head brain. They are all essential and intrinsically work together to create balance.

Why in this order?

Well, the heart math institute has already shown us the importance of getting into heart coherence by stepping into gratitude and their studies show that the electromagnetic signals the heart sends are far greater than ones from the brain.

This means that our heart literally is a greater ability to influence the field around us than our brain.

I love that.

Second, our gut brain is super important in balancing microbiome for healthy immune defense and has just as many neurotransmitter activities as our brain so you literally are as intelligent as the food you eat enables you to be.

Nourishing your gut can literally help you make smarter decisions in work, business and relationships.

Now that you know that….. How much will you invest into your gut and heart health?

Now the third brain, the one where you think supportive thoughts or unsupportive ones, where you focus and discipline yourself to think and act a certain way can be rewired more easily when your heart and gut-brain are in balance.

You cannot possibly create and sustain positive self-beliefs and actions without the first two brains working well together.

Through my decades of kinesiology practise and being an alignment strategist to help people make aligned choices that save years of precious time fluffing around, I’ve also learned that the heart and small intestine have so much in common in structures and react to each other not just chemically but also energetically.

So how important is it to keep them happy?


The cost of not keep them happy?

For you, it may be energy, being tired all the time because your body is not utilising nutrition you are already spending hundreds a month on.

Or it’s lack of focus and indecision. The biggest money block ever! Sitting on the fence, losing direction, not taking assertive risks, watching income and cashflow just stagnate or hover at a particular abundance limit.

Or maybe, it’s poor immunity and inability to bounce back into life with energy and a magnetic force that pulls you into the day with vitality and radiance in your step.

Perhaps you just feel the sluggish extra body weight they wish they didn’t have to carry around anymore knowing you would feel 15 years younger.

Ask anyone around you who has restored wellbeing and energy what life was like before they chose to get their gut health back on track and after.

So, what’s the number one solution to immunity and quantum health?

Your gut health.

Early last year, I met an incredible man who has healed his own chronic gut issues, cancer and balanced his wellbeing after being through much trauma.

Will, who creates MTHFR assist is an incredible human being and after seeing the results in my own clinic with his supplement and whole body food I was amazed.

Do your gut, heart and brain a massive favour and get onto this amazing stuff.

The other suggestion I would share in truly reducing inflammation and assisting in the detox process is the far Infrared Quantum Health Mat.

Make an INVESTMENT WITH AN IMPACT & welcome wellness into your life! Introducing our NEW QuantumBio Health Mat

Here are the benefits:

✔️ Eliminates Toxins, Fat, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Acids

✔️ Kills Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi & Parasites

✔️ Increases Growth of Cells, DNA & Protein Synthesis

✔️ Strengthens the Immune System by Stimulating Increased Production of White Blood Cells​
Relieves Pain

✔️ Decrease Muscle Spasm

✔️ Reduce Stiffness

✔️ Increase Blood Flow to Area of Injury

✔️ Helps reduce Congestion and Inflammation in Muscles

Far Infrared PEMF Mat is based around Far Infrared Heat Therapy through the use of crystals including amethyst, jade & tourmaline. When heated these crystals create far infrared heat that penetrates 3-8 inches into the body.

This far infrared heat can improve blood flow & micro circulation were applied. It can also help temporarily relief minor muscle, joint pain and stiffness.

This relief of joint pain has been associated with helping arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains and improved relaxation.