The Difference between Goal Setter and Non-Goal Setters


Whether you want to simply become a better person or to climb the corporate ladder, goal setting is vital for any efforts to be made towards success. Being able to set goals and making progress towards those goals will help you in turning your dreams into reality, becoming more successful and achieving your goals. People with clear goals, accomplish more in a shorter period of time than they imagined.

In life, people argue that there is no much importance of setting goals. People fail to see the importance of goal setting and they simply insist on living as the day comes and head to where it’s heading without problems. There is a big difference between goal-setting and non-goal setting. What is the difference?

Goal setting

  • Goal setters start by writing down all their goals and analyzing them
  • They create a big picture of what they want to do with their life in the next hour, day or years. These include their lifetime goals.
  • They identify the small and large-scale goals they want to achieve. After identifying they break them down into smaller attainable targets.
  • Finally, once they have their plans, they start working towards achieving them and one of them may be reducing their expenditure cost to achieve their goals.

Non-goal setters

  • They don’t plan anything. They have great ideas and big dreams, but no time to set exact plans on how and when to achieve them.
  • They want to cut down on spending to help them achieve their goals, but can’t stop their spending trend.

The Importance of setting goals

Setting goals has more benefits than just achieving your dreams. They make you,

Stay focused: imagine shooting an arrow without having a target. Out of sheer perplexity, let’s say you aim at a random thing, what will be your purpose. It’s pointless and effortless to shoot without a target same us living without focus.

Measure your progress: goal setting gives you a benchmark to compare your progress from the last one. Because you always have fixed end points you are able to measure your progress.

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