THE BIGGEST SHIFT EVER of 2020 December Solstice Anikiko Sings at ULURU

So very thrilled and honoured to be singing at a historical event that will change the frequency and vibration of our planet.

Located in the centre of the worlds heart chakra Uluru is experiencing the biggest transformation in history and I ask that those who resonate with “the shift” necessary to literally do a paradigm shift on this planet to please stay present and centred over the next few weeks- especially Dec 17-23.

I’ll be singing every day yet also on 17 and Dec 22 at 4 am. Those who know and feel what’s going down thank you for your energy, support and love as collectively we stand to allow ever more light codes into “hidden” aspects of our consciousness.

As I do this work I welcome conscious and unconscious parts that have been asleep in me to awaken and transform during this work and world shift as I bring my voice and sound to the heart temple of our earth.

I feel very clear and careful for it’s a time of superconscious awareness and to close the door to any unwanted and unwelcome energies who themselves need clear roadmaps and channels Back to the source.

Who’s with me???

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