The Antidote : CREATIVITY

As you may or may not have noticed, the reaction is a misspelling of creation ….. Creativity, your expression, is pure light and far more powerful than the reaction or the addiction to being obsessed with what’s happening outside or in media which no one can trust.

The media is not your experience, but when you step into soul-led, heart-led creativity, whether it be writing, starting a new biz, creating programs or packages, writing music or painting, dancing or any form of actual present expression, YOU HOLD THE ANSWER TO THE FUTURE.

Dark cannot ever penetrate the light, your essence. Only light can penetrate the dark.

So take whatever future you imagine or want to imagine and if you don’t yet imagine it, go ahead and start with a blank slate…… what would I create? Dedicate your time and energy to that and keep the focus on it.

You will create it.
You will be the artist, painting your collective future.

I get it…. It can be distracting with life, loved ones, relationships, kids, money, job or whatever dramas get in the way to steal your focus but I like to equate manifestation and meditation with focus. That’s it.

So go ahead and if this helps prompt you in to your quantum zone ask yourself this question :

If money or lack of anything wasn’t even a “thing” if I had ZERO constraint financially to do what I was most passionate about, what would that next level
SELF create?

If I dived in and had divine health, prosperity and time, what would be my heart’s desire and purpose?

What would I actually love creating?

Creativity has always been my antidote to the problems in the world and in my life.

This is why I am first and foremost an artist (my creator self), then everything else – mother, wife, partner, entrepreneur and so on.

You are a machine beyond your wildest dreams. Do you choose to accept this?

Love and life are limitless. So are you!