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Live events are ALL about creating an EXPERIENCE. We live in a high information diet and are starved of moving experiences. Anikiko CAPTURES her audience, invites them into a MESSAGE they CONNECT and see themselves inside of, then MOVES and TRANSPORTS them into where they need to go for an outcome they sometimes didn’t even know they wanted!

She is a mentor, musician, mover and a shaker, whether she is speaking at a conference, igniting a product launch or moving the audience with a message and her music, Anikiko leaves audience and event attendees feeling inspired and moved.

Anikiko has delivered and given hundreds of talks, events, training and retreats and even performed for thousands of people.

Attendees report being "transported" to "another place" or come back and say "that message was for me" or "thank you Anikiko, I actually got clear on my purpose and the way you explained everything felt like it was exactly what I needed to hear - just for me" or even "your talk waa the reason I flew all the way to this conference on the other side of the country... I feel like I am in the right place, at the right time, hearing what I needed to help me get through this.”

Bringing creativity into dull business and business into creativity, Anikiko combines her background as a mentor and kinesiologist with her music and craft to paint pictures, metaphors and stories that people can relate to. “I was dreading when they announced “music and speaker” at the end of our panel as I have been to so many events where you just have to sit there and listen. Anikiko when I heard you speak and sing, I was moved to tears. Wish you ‘d have been at other conferences I had to be at!” National Bank Manager.

When you are running a highly professional event whether it is for 200 people or 2000 people, you want to work with speakers who can hold the room and respond to any situation. Anikiko has been on both sides of production in her experience from shows as well as running events herself so she knows how to work infront of and behind the scenes to support seamless delivery in any situation. “I have been to so many conferences where they get Olympic medalists and sporting winners who deliver key note and have found so many don’t know how to engage or lead an audience. Anikiko, you have story and move us with your voice. It’s so inspiring and uplifting. Thank you.” Audience member from a Start Up company event.


Anikiko's keynotes are of inspirational, transformational content. Below are typically 45 - 90-minute Keynote Topics.

If you would like to hire Anikiko to speak at your event, to deliver a powerful keynote for your event or to combine with her inspirational music for an experience your audience will be blown away by, then please enquire here:

Change Made Easy

A 5 step system for Change Made Easy for individuals or organizations facing changes. This dynamic keynote presentation addresses the areas of resistance around change, our capacity to move through it and some practical integration exercises as well as music written by the speaker to actually initiate change that can be easy. Includes a copy of Change Made Easy meditation. Whether you are in the middle of a change, avoiding one or gearing up to make one this presentation gives you your next step to create the results you want to see.

For every keynote or presentation:

Ani’s key message is to educate, inspire, transform and celebrate change. Her background in kinesiology, teaching kinesiology and creating audio makes her keynote presentation very focused around bringing the information into the body on a cellular level and using music to assist shifting states. Ani also uses her voice and guided visualizations throughout to maximize integration of concepts and information learned.


    Strength in Vulnerability? Turning your greatest fears into allies and flipping the rules!

    This keynote presentation uses the experience of vulnerability as an ally and strength to propel individuals into the kind of change they would like to see.

    Many people run away from being, seeming or appearing vulnerable and we uncover some truths about recognizing exactly where we are and do feel vulnerable and use new insights to transform them into gold and value.

    We explore the difference between feeling like a victim and playing the blame game, whether we blame others or ourselves and step into personal power.  People walk away with practical insights from the content covered as well as a transformative experience about allowing their greatest vulnerability to be their strength!


      Don’t Let Another Day Die With Your Song Still Inside

      When cross-referencing my title I discovered that Dr. Wayne Dyer said: “Don’t Die with Your Music Still Inside”. This is such a powerful quote and it reinforced the topic of this keynote speech.

      This presentation goes through 5 ways to ensure you don’t let another day die with your message inside, unsaid, unsung and unheard by others. This keynote presentation uses 5 powerful tracks performed by Ani that shift listeners to clarity if they have a lack of direction, inspiration if they have a lack of motivation and energy if they are too tired.

      We refer to the Change Made Easy System”  explore key aspects of inspired living, letting go of aspects that hold us back and stepping committed action. People walk away moved, inspired and practical insights from the content covered.


        Your Body, Your Instrument

        As the title says, it is your body, therefore, your instrument. Learn how to get the best “sound” out of your vehicle. Are we function at 10% or 50% when we could be actually feeling and operating at a fulfilling 90% or more?

        Throughout this workshop we look at setting up for maximum output from our body, increasing energy and using the instrument we were given to create and be part of a symphony of results in our life. Draws on the principles of the 5 step Change Made Easy System


          More Than Enough

          No matter how many high achievers and successful individuals Anikiko has worked with and continues to see, most people are faced with this challenge. Feeling that they are enough. This really makes you a question: What will it take to be more than enough and truly believe in yourself?

          Having had the same issue weigh her down for decades, Anikiko discusses the key ingredients to feeling, being and regaining that you ARE more than enough and often gifts the audience with a few free tools and audio programs to help that “more than enough” feeling to truly kick in.


            Hidden Secrets of High Achievers

            After writing the book of the same title, Anikiko adapted the chapters into a talk to help leaders and high achievers go to their next level by recognizing and overcoming the known and unknown blocks. Having worked primarily with only high achievers for over 10 years of her 20-year career in mentoring and kinesiology, Anikiko noticed exactly what holds high achievers back.


              Say It Out Loud

              Rebuild confidence and your voice. Having spoken at several events which have resulted in a wave on inspired audience members, Anikiko created a powerful presentation called “Say It Out Loud” which is all about lifting the lid on silence on those who dream to create something more in life however feel shut down by either trauma, society, low self esteem or confidence and how they step out of the suppression and into expression. Anikiko shares her client experience as well as her own challenges in not being able to “sing”, having been frozen by fear and how she overcame some of the most challenging moments as well as giving the audience practical tools they can walk away with to rebuild who they are.


                Ignite Activate Accelerate

                Anikiko talks about how to ignite purpose, passion and deeper commitment to what’s most important in life and business. With her background in 20 years plus as a kinesiologist and bringing to stage her performance presence, Anikiko leads the room into a space to activate that which is within and to use that energy and motivation to accelerate change. People walk away feeling inspired and activated toward their goals, intentions and purpose. Whether this is for a conference, corporate or entrepreneur event, this talk always inspires audiences.


                  Vibration: The New Mindset? A Paradigm Shift with Anikiko

                  When it comes to being a thought leader and inviting the audience to see old concepts and ideas in a new way, Anikiko loves digging deep to activate a new kind of shift for the listener and audience. Using her powerful imagination and audience engagement skills, Anikiko invites people to see and experience their reality from new perspectives. This talk shows how we can perceive our reality in a new way and perhaps even have a paradigm shift by what we discover


                    The Auditory System and Mental Health
                    Having spoken at several events for doctors, carers, nurses and aged care facilities, Anikiko brings to light the power that sound has on mental health. Using her experience and also the science of how sound works and is received and perceived by our body and brain, Anikiko dives into just how we can apply frequency to change, improve and upgrade our experience of mental wellbeing and music.

                      Baby, Back Surgery, Business and Breakdown in 8 months

                      Anikiko talks about how a new baby, new business, back surgery and the breakdown and failure of that business treated her marriage, herbed and the tools and transformations needed to get back on track in all areas. Some topics inside these talk are: backbone, staying in your lane, business and love, owning it (the very thing you’d hate anyone to know about you) and surrender.


                        Your Genius Zone: Where Inspiration, Influence, Impact and Income are a byproduct.

                        After interviewing some of her most successful and some well-known clients, Anikiko shows you how you can access your TRUE genius zone to create Impact, Influence, Inspiration and Income. Anikiko has created a powerful template and visual representation of exactly where the GENIUS zone lives inside each and every one of us because she believes that there truly is one in us all!