Sound Advise? The Power Of Sound in Healing


Sound can help you heal and change

It was William Shakespeare that likened music and sound to love in Twelfth Night with the famous lines: “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”  And so sound and music have its place for healing and change – not just love!
Composer, songstress, and kinesiologist, Ani Neradilkova (aka Anikiko) – a regular visitor and facilitator at  Karma Kandara (coming November) and her Sounds of Solace music nutrition  plays at Karma Spa – knows first-hand how through her work sound can help people heal and change.
Here are some key points Ani Neradilkova (Aka Anikiko) makes about the power of sound:
1. Research shows that white noise encourages relaxed, meditative, and creative states. In the Music Nutrition  Sounds of Solace series she has coupled  the ancient healing power of the human voice with different sounds to assist those seeking a deeper level of true healing and relaxation. The power and harmonic frequencies in her voice along with ancient Solfeggio frequencies dissipate blocks and encourage deep healing.
2. Sound and music can take you to different spaces and if your intention is clear to either heal yourself or change, this can be achieved by listening to certain sounds and meditating on those intentions.
3. Each volume of the Sounds of Solace series provides an intention to focus on when listening to the tracks, designed specifically for those intentions – we  know they work because feedback with  results has been overwhelming .
4. Everything is achievable if you focus on your desired outcome.  Sound, voice, and music can help you get there without force.
5. Sound can make you feel every different emotion possible.  For example, if you listen to heavy metal, you are bound to feel edgy and angry, or tense which can give rise to releasing or expressing that emotion. If  you listen to the soft tones of Buddhist singing bowls you feel peaceful and serene.  These sound waves have a clear effect on the body so be sure you listen to sounds that enhance your healing, not detract from it.
6. Even if you are not a person who meditates, when feeling stressed or agitated take time out to breathe deeply while listening to gentle music or simply the birds in a park, these sounds will naturally relax you.
7. The best type of music to listen to when focusing on healing and change is music that uses a process called ‘entrainment’ – which is used throughout the Sounds of Solace Music Nutrition series.  This music is designed to relax the listener by using specific rhythms, tones, frequencies and intervals.  This is a continuous rhythm, similar to the heartbeat of 60 BPM causes the brainwaves and heart rate to synchronise with the rhythm.
8.  In a nutshell, the right vibrations and frequencies can nourish your thoughts, mood and body keeping you at your best while you work, play and sleep.
Have a look at our Sound Therapy Sessions or Music Nutrition to explore just what sound therapy and what using the right vibrations can do for you.