Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist!

Wow, times are changing and on every level, we are all invited to take an inner step towards re-assessing and refining how we want to live, feel and where to really invest time and energy. Why? Because it’s precious. More so than ever before.

I’ve noticed all water and oil separate and you may have also. With such restrictions and boundaries in place, they have also challenged my own boundaries on exactly who, what and where my time can go. Not to mention of course a newborn baby Anežka is my number one with our son Luki, I’m finding ways to somehow balance it all.

So with competing values of not being able to serve as many people one on one, being mum, partner and business owner, I wanted to still share healing and transformations….. How?

Well, let me tell you……

During the restriction period, I’ve found a way (beyond online sessions) that can really accelerate healing and recuperation.

So I’d love to share something that has been enhancing results in the clinic tremendously. It helped my family tremendously and if I haven’t mentioned it before, it helped my post-birth and surgery to walk within 24 hours and reduced inflammation in my body.

It has been accelerating results as well as stabilizing and integrating change at quite a deep level and I’d invite you to test it yourself or in clinic.

  • enhances mitochondria activity – cell energy transportation
  • eliminates toxins
  • reduces inflammation
  • speeds up recovery post-op and great for post-exercise or workouts
  • great for weight loss

I’ve seen a reduction in meds plus constipated clients of 7 days had a release within 2 hours of using the mat.

It uses 5 kinds of therapy including Pemf, photon red light, deep infrared heat therapy, negative ions and stone therapy.

I searched high and low and bought 5 other models until it was clear that this mat was best at not just easing vibration and consciousness which I’m all about but mainly accelerating results you can see and feel. Especially during COVID as I mentioned, this was something I could provide for clients who wanted relief.

It seems to be complimentary to all that we do as parents, practitioners, therapists, coaches, artists, kinesiologists and it also forces you to lay down and recuperate.

When did you last do that?

Animals absolutely love it! And will fight you for a place on it! ( Photo credit: Angela and her dog Archie)

Please let me know if you are interested in this QuantumBio health mat.

It has been walking out the door, especially when clients experience it on the table during a session.

This particular one I’m using is imprinted with sound frequency nutrition, Tesla and bioscalar torsion field technology which further enhances results.

I feel like a mad scientist always exploring the next level of expansion with science, health and frequency!

Some of you know me as the “vibration and resonance” queen due to all my work with sound and music nutrition so I’ve been dedicated to advancing technology and ways I can not just speed up but also expand the reach of healing through frequency and science beyond one on one work without compromising quality and transformation.

This mat is definitely on that track.