Relaxation or Procrastination?

I don’t know about you but I feel like New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day was already about 6 months ago.

My Christmas was soaked with family fun, friendship fun, experiencing our second Christmas with our almost 2-year-old Lukas and finally having some time away just the three of us.

I have to say I forgot how to party like I’m solo but got a good dose with a few DJ’s and amazing live bands over the break. So I definitely found my funky feminine artist again. Thanks to a whole lot of babysitting I had arranged so I could have that time out during this break.

Breaking free was incredible on a whole other level of relation for me. I realized I got stuck into a somewhat limited routine which started to reflect a version of me I never thought I would fall into – feeling and being time poor because of parenthood and everything else that image came along with.

I admit I fell back toward the end of last year to a self I did not want to be in terms of how I felt about myself and what I allowed myself to have and experience.

Just before Christmas, I laughed at an incredible 11 Day Genius Zone Challenge. This was EPIC! I cannot begin to tell you all the things that started to show up for me as a result of facilitating the training and also as a result of holding space on a whole new level.

I thought I was doing okay but when I REALLY checked myself I realized I had slipped into some habits like not getting into a flow with my writing or my music or my programs every night. I slipped into pretending to be busy but actually, I was procrastinating.

So when I allowed myself to discern what was TRULY the much-needed relaxation time and what was “avoidance and distraction” time, I could see that the excuse I was living in was “time for self and relaxation” but it was not really that at all because when I chilled out I wasn’t satisfied.

I did not feel fulfilled by my “time out”. Why??? It is because I was avoiding what I needed to be doing and how I needed to be “being”.

So back in November, I upgraded something inside of myself and stepped all things up.

Delivering the Genius Zone just revealed the top of the iceberg of goodness that launched in January and since then I have been in an evermore fulfilled space in myself and in my work. All because I said yes to a whole new effortless part of life to flow in.

I’d love to offer the 11 Day Genius Zone Challenge to you today!

You might also like to kick off your New Genius Zone with this awesome Intrametica detox I have had raving results with:

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