Regenerate , Detox, Anti-aging and EMF protection? In one?

Yes, so you have probably seen all my baby posts and amongst actually dealing with the most challenging of times to be in the hospital in Australia with a prem baby and my own health and birthing challenges one of the top things that shifted and continues to shift my repair is what you see in these pics – The Quantumbio Health Mat.

Firstly, I never outsource my health to an external product even one such as wonderful as my mat. I CHOOSE as the authority of my health and healing, as the creator that I choose divine pure health or fast recovery or repair or whatever I need (believe me I needed what felt like a few lifelines this last 6 weeks and especially this week)

Then I watch and notice what I have as resources to assist me. Now this mat has been such assistance as I used it with my queen Anezka who was born in January 2020 at 33.5 weeks and I had a challenge then but my body recovered better than ever because I brought my mat into hospital and just did leaps and bounds.

This time with queen Eliska, I again brought it in the day after birth and immediately felt the difference between having and not having it with me.

It’s been a week since birth and I’ve been sleeping on it daily – all day every day and allowing myself to gather energy, repair and detox from the hospital environment, energetically the fear that is arresting people and also for me from all the intense medical intervention I needed to basically get through.
It’s helped with pain reduction and more.

Check it out if you resonate with needing one in your home as both my folks have one, every family member uses one and we don’t go a day without the desire to chillax on it even when you don’t need it!

Here’s the link:

The QuantumBio Health Mat is a new and innovative light-based method to treat and relieve pain, inflammation, and swelling in different parts of the body and has immense benefits to your overall health. Take a look at the benefits the QuantumBio Health Mat can provide.

  • Eliminates Toxins, Fat, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Acids
  • Kills Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi & Parasites
  • Increases Growth of Cells, DNA & Protein Synthesis
  • Strengthens the Immune System by Stimulating Increased Production of White Blood Cells​
  • Enhances Mitochondria activity (cell energy transportation)
  • Helps with Skin Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Healing
  • Helps with Chronic Pain Relief/ Reduces inflammation
  • Great for Relaxation (help to reduce stress and fatigue)
  • Great for weight loss and detoxification
  • Speeds up recovery post-op and is great for post-exercise or workouts
  • Helps with Sleeping Disorder