Pain and crisis will change your brain….. How to get it back.

Have you ever been in so much physical pain or under immense business pressure or financial pressure that the anxiety, stress of it all was changing you?

You are in crisis and shadow of who you once were with no way of knowing how to come back to centre. 

It’s like something in your brain has glitched and literally, you’ve disconnected to such a point that the old ways and systems of getting back on track just aren’t working.

I’ve been there. Both in business and in the body. I’ve been at that place where you can neither make choices for your best self because you are so influenced by a crisis, negativity and fear that you actually keep going from one fire to another and never seem to cease and put them out.

All the while, your nervous system is on high alert, your adrenals are done and burn out and if it’s body pain you may be in a bunch of meds which also affect your thinking just to function.

I’m not talking about childbirth, and sure when I had major back pain to the point of not walking for months, crawling on all force just to get around and crying most days, then back surgery – well that did change me but I had no idea how much until I started coming back.

I’ve also been in that pressure of watching a business fail and I just could not get out of it at the time and a solution was beyond my control so I had to walk away.

I’m talking pain even beyond those situations where I felt angry and resentful feeling like I did not choose any of it and I just could not find my self and true voice within it all because I was just angry and scared.

Have you been in a situation now or long term where you feel like you are slipping and you don’t know where to turn?

Well, the fact that you are reading this and resonate with some part of it says that you are checked in enough to know something is out of joint and that you are connected enough to know you need support.

Just yesterday I had a client who recently came back into himself after being checked out and in crisis mode building business from burnout and turn his life around, refer someone to me he knew needed the work. He referred someone about to have back surgery going through business stress (things in well familiar with ). It’s an area I’m consistently helping other business owners stuck in crisis stress whether physical or otherwise grow and become resilient in.

What’s the problem? You see our capacity to grow, heal and even receive is directly impacted by the stress and trauma experienced. The chemistry, the inflammation and defence mechanisms that have kicked in are all just keeping you alive but at a fraction of the capacity, you could really have to deal with the trauma, create solutions and even attract wealth beyond measure.

Most don’t have any way of actually coming back to brain and body integrity so you can feel good again and make choices aligned to expressing who you are, being the business you want or the partner or parent you want.

You have no chance if you are in adrenal and coping mode.

I recently had a client who had experienced physical trauma to her body which is going to take some time to recover from and the change in how she had been coping before she saw me and then within 24 hours she mentioned she hadn’t slept so well in 7 months!

It’s because I opened up her body to be able to heal itself and get back on track with healing and her career and business. She aced a project the next day.

Another client came back saying “I had no idea why I was freaking out the last 4 months but now everything is fine”.

Well, when it came to the client that was referred that I mentioned earlier, he messaged me back saying “sorry to sound negative but I must say I am highly skeptical” and this is someone who most needed the word as he had come highly recommended.  He chose no.

I will be the first to tell you that the work is not for everyone, however, when in such stress we don’t always make the best decisions and sometimes its amazing to surrender into a trusted recommendation by someone who loves you, or by just letting go, recognizing you may not know how to do it yourself this time – he hem – that’s typical for high level CEOs, business owners and achievers who pretty much rely only on themselves until they burnout and need to find a way to do it differently.

So the gift is in the surrender, let it go to let more in and that is what makes you future proof.

Here’s my song future proof….. it relates to letting go in order to let it all in because there is no security other than surrender!

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I’m dedicated to get your brain and body connected so that it does best heal, and you can get on with becoming limitless in all levels.

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