Go Quantum Masterclass

00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds There has never been a time more potent than NOW to consciously use SOUND, FREQUENCY & LIGHT to go QUANTUM Have you noticed that time has been speeding up? Or that you are more aware of the "vibration" or "vibe" of a person, event or situation? Are [...]

Introducing the NEW Music Nutrition’s Sounds of Resolution Volume 9!

For the times when you surrender and allow truth to be what it is, to see even that
which feels unresolved to be as it is and accept it as resolution as it is.
Letting go of the lie within to truly connect to the real inner truth, the inner voice, the source of all that is, is the key here.

Like no other + Confess

I wrote this track for my dad and the cinematographer Matthew Horrex was moved by it also because of that “father-daughter” emotion in it.
You know, it was such an amazing team of people with Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett who directed, made it all happen…

The Call – Anikiko

So I’ve recently connected my new phone to the car stereo and it randomly plays tracks from my library. It’s been the oddest thing. It’s like all the music I wrote ages ago is sending me messages that actually applies to all that happening in the world and life right now!

OMG 10 years ago today I launched my SOUL NAKED BEFORE YOU ALBUM!

In 10 years, I’ve performed my dream stages like Opera House New Year’s Eve, dang with a full piece orchestra at VIVID, touted Japan and USA, recorded over 15 albums and made Music Nutrition, my healing solfeggio frequency brain enhancement brand.

Good Vibrations, Earthing, Blue light and EMF

You may already know that all I pretty much talk and sing about is frequency and vibration. Whether it is through a song, sound or if we are talking about whether you are in your optimal state of alignment and flow….

What “Pisses” You Off, Shows You Your Greatest Values

It’s been a while since I let out a reaction but I had one today! They say keep close a great doctor, lawyer and accountant you can trust! Great ones will change your life and average ones can literally end up costing you your life, business and relationship!


The medical industry has always known and used the power and energy of  brainwave entrainment to treat and heal their patients. Since time in memorial, medicine and science have always believed that the brain has the power to release chemical substances and reactions which are naturally produced in the body to accelerate healing of the [...]

Sound Advise? The Power Of Sound in Healing

Sound can help you heal and change It was William Shakespeare that likened music and sound to love in Twelfth Night with the famous lines: “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”  And so sound and music have its place for [...]

Don’t Let Another Day Die with the Unsung Hero In Your Heart

How many times have you experienced a song that felt like it saved your day? Well, it has happened many times to me and I wonder what inspired that in that creator?