Miscarriage, marriage, music and miracles

This was just one year ago today. And now we have a 3rd Rasberry to bliss us with such joy….

Beyond in love with this being Eliska and my body for being able to give passage to the new Queen and even though we are still in recovery, I’m staying focused on just reminding my body what an awesome job it did!

I can easily disconnect in disbelief that I actually have a 3rd baby… it’s hard for me to believe yet I also deeply wanted her.

Early this year, it seemed like I had a miscarriage. I wasn’t public about it as I myself had not even begun to process or accept the situation.

Eliska had been calling to me for months and when I conceived, I was so so thrilled.  I knew I’d birth a boundless being into existence by December so I was dreaming of what that looked like.

Things were pretty stressed out at home and my relationship was in a place that felt too hard to deal with. The impact of works events etc from various practical angles, just created too much stress in partnership. So for the most part of this year, I felt like I’d have to do things on my own for a while….. biz, babies, etc.

I knew I was pregnant… home kits verified it. Then the miscarriage. I was devastated as was my husband. He had his reaction which did not help my sadness.
Blood tests confirmed I was no longer pregnant.

So came the time a friend was having a baby and my cupboard space was filling up with Anezka’s new clothes so I gather all the lovely baby items, baby bath, high chair, bouncer, bibs, jumpsuits, rattlers and toys and let it all go.

My head knew it was the “practical “ thing to do.

Inside I accepted it but not really.

I was devastated.

I always saw myself with 3 souls birth by me into this world and that we would do anything we chose together. It felt right yet because of life and circumstances, I just felt it was going to be for the best that I was grateful for 2 amazing beings and to focus on what I have.

12-14 weeks went by. No period.

I went to doctors etc, did cleanses etc and cleared out anything and everything that came up.

I did daily bio-resonance sessions with my Quantumbio health system, daily 2-3 hours on my Quantumbio health mat. I felt my anger was in the way of healing and that maybe this baby didn’t want to be in that space in my body.

I was angry at what I allowed in relationship and about how I felt I failed in giving my kids an example of more harmony and fun in the home space because I never saw my husband and when we did see each other we were dealing with practical things, we did not see eye to eye on at all. So it was frustrating and I did not see a light at the end of the tunnel. So I even decided to just let it go as it was behind my control.

My business was great, flourishing yet I felt if I didn’t sort out that which was not in alignment in my heart. I’d always hit the glass ceiling and never really see the expansion I was capable of. Integrity is a fundamental part of running the business and I can’t have that in my own life when the True Voice Global is what I am, what I do. So I started calling in Divine Creators Truth. I choose to see divine truth!

Bottom line…. My heart had to heal.

So that’s what it did. As I started to heal, release and transform pain into just experience, I found it hard to transcend the pain of my miscarriage.

Doctors said not to worry about the period because after miscarriage it can take months.

I had this lower back pain, was frequently going to the toilet at night and had a sharp pain in my ovaries.

I honestly felt like something was growing inside me but bloods were negative for pregnancy so was in feared it may be something else.

Then one day, my mother called me to say she could not see the massage therapist Ming, due to her arm injury so I should make the appointment.

I jumped at the chance as I had not had a massage in over 2 months and it’s a regular thing for me.

While there, I asked Ming to give me some tea (a Chinese herbalist as well), to flush or stimulate a period. He asked if I was pregnant and I said surely not. No chance for obvious reasons. I was arguing with hubby, felt unsupported, gone through miscarriage, so was not feeling like sexing!

He checked my pulses – TCM style (traditional Chinese medicine) and said….. “I don’t want to give you the tea unless you have a pregnancy test. Your pulse is sleepy and slippery like a pregnancy pulse). Giving you this tea could damage the baby.

I immediately went to get a blood test which confirmed I was pregnant. The next day I had a dating scan which showed Eliska was 14.5 weeks.

How is it that this glorious being slipped every radar?

I believe that she knew I needed to focus on myself and shifting what needed to shift.

To be prepared to let everything go and create new paths of peace and harmony.

To be fully responsible for everything I was witnessing and creating in my world.

My closest friends and clients were aware of the details of my journey and all supported me by reminding me of strength and courage as I faced these challenges but I was never prepared for the joy of knowing it was never a miscarriage and I would be having a baby in December.

My husband was overjoyed and even though we weren’t exactly on track, I still took the first 28 weeks of my pregnancy (I was already 15 weeks in) to keep focused on a whole new level of transformation and next-level soul, divine truth alignment.

The raspberry family is growing! (picture of Lukas, Anezka and Elizka)

Birthing Eliska on the 19th of November was the newest experience.

It’s between 1:11 am just after midnight when water broke and her arrival at 11:18 am all the pain, all the sadness, all the heartbreak, all the challenges and difficulties bubbles up into one big bag and completely transformed once she was born. It’s as though I had an opportunity to release it all and give the future I imagine a whole new canvas and paints.

As an artist, a creator, I remembered that I chose to release the new Futureproof film clip on 11/11, the double portal where again I had a choice to choose light and ascend to the next level of higher vibration or to choose the drama addiction and stay in the trappings of memories and experiences of my mind that were laced with old beliefs and perceptions.

I’ve always written solutions, codes and keys into my music.

Inspiration never comes from my mind. Sure my mind is the tool trained to translate the energy, visuals, colours and more into metaphors, concepts I can put into music yet when in that creator zone it’s just simple.

I treat every new song or new creation or even new course I write like it’s gonna be something that stands the tests of time, that it’s memorable and impacts one’s soul, that it’s going to be the best thing I’ve created. Beyond that, I’m simply curious to see what unfolds.

Inspiration is just that. The gift from the source. Will I stop and listen to it? Always.

The rest is a choice about what to do with that gift. Write a song, create a meal, play with kids, write a chapter, message to the world, do nothing and feel everything as I sit and breathe…..

I actually have zero ideas how things will play out or what others will choose or how it will show up but I can choose and rechoose the world I imagine with every breath and step I take.

So as I choose creativity which I have always said it’s the antidote to the madness of the current world situation (and anything else for that matter ) because claiming you are the ARTIST and the CREATOR put you in a new level playing field called I AM God also as DIVINE CREATOR….

“Artists are the pathways to the future” was my subheading on my website Anikiko.com back in 2010.

Artists- I don’t mean just painters and musicians etc. I’m talking about creatives.

Darkness can not be in the presence of light. Ever.

So here I share the message again.

You are the divine creator.
You are divinity in human form.
You are light having a physical experience.

Never let anyone take that from you. Governments (who try to govern mental – mind), religion (we try to re legion you into their interpretations of God), health authorities (who try to tell you it’s for your safety when we know it’s about money) or healers (who think they know what you need more than you do and who don’t invite you to know and feel your own truth – of course when you go to them and ask for assistance then different matter but some “healers” have an interesting ego. Hence I never call myself a healer. Only you can be invited to heal yourself )!

So claiming your ultimate creatorship and claiming that you are worth more money than the world spends in a day is a great start!

Claiming your ”Quantum Zone” which is a non-linear realm whereby all your needs disappear because you create solutions before your eyes and the needs kinda just dissolve. Things become a choice on all levels …

I am so ignited by my recent divine experiences amidst the most challenging of times as I write this in hospital, during insane and illogical regulations.

Being in an environment of “healthy safety” precautions and minds that have been arrested and governed by daily changing rules from the governing mental bodies (governments), who have doctorates and expert degrees is baffling. Some are in compliance because of fear, job loss and financial challenges.

Others just don’t question as they have been following and never questioning anything and others yet just agree and support the regulations full well believing the government would never put its people at risk.

So where ever people are at is their journey and that is one thing I fully comprehend and honour.

Unity and cooperation with heart are what will unite our current experiences. Not separation, hence when I really share what’s been going down for me in hospital, you will most definitely appreciate the fact I have kept calm amidst many tearful breakdowns.

I have found and experienced and focused on the miracles I can create with baby Eliska and boy have there been daily evidences that the Ascended Masters and the arc angelic realm are working instantly with me and her to create medical miracles or turnarounds shall we say that doctors have reported and been pleasantly surprised by.

Eliska is a miracle under the circumstances of her coming into existence. She has shown me daily miracles while in hospital and perhaps is my greatest teacher in remembering what we actually can create.

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