Meet the new love of our lives, Eliska!

Last Friday at 1.11 am, my water broke and we went to hospital…Eliska was born  at 11:18am on 19.11.21.
She’s amazing and her signature is crazy!! Yellow Lunar Sun
In total, I Am that I am presence as her Mayan glyph reads.
I have to say that her birth brought up every heart challenge, pain and difficulty I experienced this year and with her birth, it all transformed with the presence of Mother Mary…….She’s currently in ICU for a few stabalizing factors but she is healthy and much bigger than we expected.
4.37kg 55 cm long at 5 weeks premature! She would have been 7kg had we gone full term. Incredible. Wanted to share here with you guys and see you all soon xx

Here is a link to the Quantumbio health mat: