Like no other + Confess

So this is why I write music! Thanks Tim for telling me how much this song means to you and your daughter xx

I wrote this track for my dad and the cinematographer Matthew Horrex was moved by it also because of that “father-daughter” emotion in it.

You know, it was such an amazing team of people with Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett who directed, made it all happen and Erasmo Raimundo producer and so many more who were part of making it a success.

We won GOLD #ACS ( #australian cinametography award) . BACK IN 2010
I remember writing this song in one half-hour moment on my balcony.

I was tinkering around in my guitar with a little voicing I could not get out of my head and just kept strumming until the story on my mind and in my heart poured out about how my dad used to call me almost every day during a particular part of my life with a positive message of belief in me and who I am…That’s the kind of stuff you take with you into lifetimes.

That emotion. That memory. That feeling. Ahh love you dad Jiri Neradilek. Thanks for giving me this song and bring the A (Anikiko) team to see it.
This song was a dream come true and since its release, I’ve had numerous people License it for magical moments like weddings and ceremonies, a young ad for lingerie, plus it’s also been in Colleen Hoover’s book series film #confess thanks to the beautiful Elissa Down!

There’s really nothing else in the world that gives you the feeling of knowing or hearing that something you had a hand and has made such an impact on people’s lives!

Like no other is on youtube and if you like this song then I literally just gave away my new album Only Human here on