Good Vibrations, Earthing, Blue light and EMF

You may already know that all I pretty much talk and sing about is frequency and vibration. Whether it is through a song, sound or if we are talking about whether you are in your optimal state of alignment and flow…. it ALL comes back to FREQUENCY and VIBRATION.

In fact the easiest, direct and most important work you will ever do is when you work with the ESSENCE of who you are, your inner most being, your vibrational being. Why waste time on all the peripheral stuff, the shiny distractions, the constant crisis and all the stuff that feels like you are running a sprint race under water and against the tide to get a result or without addressing the very core of that which is inside of you that co-created that experience?

When I think about the $10,000/ hr value action that I can do, it’s simple…… I put on one of my music nutrition tracks, open my genius journal and write. I have a little conversation with me. I call in the artist, the songwriter, the mother, the goddess, the little kid, the lover, the wife, the daughter and friend. I write about what I am here to do, who I am here to serve. I write about seeing my husbands business thrive and the lives he touches through his work.

I write about the impact my voice is having on millions, I write about the joy and transformation I spread inside my own body and imagine that every cell in my body is like a human being and that every cell I transform is another human life touched, shifted, uplifted, unlevelled, healed, inspired and moved by my “beingness” , whether I know it or not. In fact just because I breathe and am in presence with me, with you or on this planet.

After working with over 12,000 sessions 1:1 with entrepreneurs, small businesses, inspiring mums and dads stepping into their ultimate life and getting out their own way there are a few patterns I have picked up on in terms of seeing energetic blocks and patterns inside a persons field and I have also picked up certain patterns in  behaviour and beliefs that support you BEING inside of your optimum vibration. One of the fastest ways to get into your optimum vibration is to REWIRE your nervous system and your beliefs by writing and wiring it in and literally paving the pathways in your brain and body.

Having recently started the GOOD VIBRATIONS show at Bondi Radio we talk about all that stuff and I recognise although the inner work is the most essential, the material and physical world is an expression of that and the dance between them, in choosing what feeds your soul and what feeds your outer world is essential. So even though you can do all the great inner work its just as important putting the aligned things, people, places, technology and keeping your environment of high vibration.

Thats what this weeks Good Vibration show covered. I had a wonderful guest on. Reiarni Taurima talked about EMF, radiation, about frequency health and about how to keep grounded in such dynamic and distorted fields.

Reirani has a background in music and transformation having done much work with Agape and being a member of their choir and an official group of musicians who touch the world with her voice and message.

She learned by personal experience how to heal herself and support her sister through a very difficult health journey and she shares some key insights about our future, how to stay protected and balanced in such turbulent times.


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