It’s time to celebrate! Sounds Of Celebration is OUT!

Volume 2 Sounds of Celebration: I am the Embodiment of Playful Celebration. Yes, I am!

Do you believe that celebration comes in several ways? There is a celebration of life, love, success, and even death. There are days that we celebrate, we commemorate, cherish, and feel grateful for the things that are coming our way. But, that doesn’t end there. Celebration can also be celebrating LIFE and DEATH.

Most of us have eexperienced losing someone close to our heart. We grieve, feel so down, and get depressed. However, we must remember that death can also be the key that opens our hearts. It allows us to love the person who passed away even more in new ways. Choosing to celebrate is what makes you appreciate things more and feel relieved.  That’s why I want to share to you my latest track – Sounds of Celebration.

What is Sounds of Celebration?

Sounds of Celebration is a very special track which features special guest and deep appreciation to Rosie Henshaw Rayah on Sitar. It was an amazing experience recording this volume because this was completed shortly after the death of my dearest friend and musical soulmate. After he passed away, I was moved to sing my grief into joy and produced an amazing tune to the foundation of sounds for this track I had already created.

When singing, it was a complete activation and celebration of the joy of life and the need to celebrate life in every moment. Experiencing the deep loss on an emotional level of a love of very special human being still carried the joy of his departure knowing that he would be doing some incredible work on the other side.

I had goosebumps the whole way through and my grief was instantly transformed! The only images and feelings swimming through my system were of healing, of life, of ditching old negativity and dullness into a fully bright celebratory space of new invigorated life.

Sitar Frequencies Balances the DNA
This track brings with it the frequencies of the Sitar which I discovered maintains the purity of the solfeggio in its natural key of C# and is the frequency of the “om”. The sounds in this volume act as a “balancer” for the entire spectrum of frequencies so it can be used as a balancing program amongst the other qualities it brings. This balancing quality of the C# frequency also balances the DNA and genetic strands of combinations of adenine, guanine, thymine and cytosine.

I am extremely excited and deeply honoured to have received and “co-created” the volume. I believe all of my works are a co-creation not just from the amazing human beings who have contributed but to the very soul and masters whose energy is woven and embedded in these works.

We all have problems in life. We meet friends and we lose some of them too. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate anymore. Even their passing can turn into a celebration because we are learning to let go while allowing other emotions and vibrations to set in and make us new again.


Here’s a 3 mins sample of The Volume 2: Sounds of Celebration. Enjoy!

Track Details:

Key areas: Letting In: playfulness, laughter, celebration, passion, fertility, divine love, sexual healing, bubbling energy, creative energy, invigorating new self-image, rapid healing of body, cells and tissue, return to original form, restructure damaged organs and tissue, realization of goals and intentions.

Letting Go: dullness, seriousness, physical heaviness, old self-image, loss of passion, numbness, sexual image issues and reproductive challenges, damaged body tissue, defence mechanisms of fear and guilt that block joy, negativity and energy field disturbances.