I know you have done it before……. something did not go as planned, or something unexpected happened… perhaps you are upset by a reaction or someone has triggered you in a particular way.

Parents, partners, kids, family, best friends…………. they have triggered you.

Maybe a business set back or a deal gone wrong.

Or maybe you have just not yet recovered from some kind of change and are in stagnation.

Whichever may be the case, you may be sitting and operating from a “wrong conclusions” about you, life, business or the situation.

This wrong conclusion is like a time machine and locks or freezes into your energy field, into your body, into your cells and basically creates the world around you.

This is a universal law.

When I am working with people I basically can access and see where that wrong conclusion is and this is what is stopping them from going to their next level and even being able to access their genius zone.

Ultimately this wrong conclusion is either costing you time, love, money to something else of value because it becomes draining to uphold and defend against that which is just not “truth”. It will cost you all the things most valuable.

The only way out os to make The Shift.

What do you believe to be true that isn’t?
I have written songs about this exactly and I will be sure to share them soon.

In the meantime…. I want you to experience The Shift!

Are you ready?

Just over a day to go. We begin Monday 10th 9 pm Sydney time.