Introducing the NEW Music Nutrition’s Sounds of Resolution Volume 9!

This track has come at a very pertinent time in history and in our world.
This track took almost two years to actually get right.

It features my beautiful friend and harpist Angela Sciberras. It was such an honour to
hear and have her record for this piece. We had tried recording her harp when I
initially created the bedding track and key for this volume, however, a combination of
timing, tuning and just not finding resonance or even readiness meant we kept going
back and forth.

It’s been such an interesting process and once the track finally started to take form
and shape into the right resonance, I could see and understand why.

This track was finalised in 2020 and first performed LIVE at the Uluru Cosmic
Consciousness 21.12.20 Gateway Conference. What an incredible experience it was
to sing this piece.

This volume is all about allowing energy to resolve itself and stepping into truth at a
whole new level. It is all about letting go of the need to fix or control and allowing all
differences to resolve themselves. Stepping into embodying truth which actually
resolves everything and allows all water and oil to separate.

For the times when you surrender and allow truth to be what it is, to see even that
which feels unresolved to be as it is and accept it as resolution as it is.

Letting go of the lie within to truly connect to the real inner truth, the inner voice, the
source of all that is, is the key here. Letting go of being misled or confused or needing
external sources to validate the power within you that knows who you are, to who you
were born to be and claim now.

The full 15, 30 and 70-minute downloads and workbook are available for this release as a stand-alone product.


Volume 9 Sounds of Resolution:

I am the embodiment of resolution yes I am.

Letting In: resolved expression, universal truth, self-expression, completion, resolving unfinished business or communication, confidence in speaking, clarity, wisdom, transparency, compassion, stability, purity, embodying integrity, truth and awakened intuition.

Letting Go: misperception, old stories, deception, illusion, needing to “finish/ fix unresolved business” (allowing it to resolve itself), gossip, distortion, blocked mind, limited thinking, patterns and beliefs, drowsiness, confusion, being misled.

Chakra: Throat          Solfeggio: 741Hz       Key: G#