In Her Pursuit and Work Club Global invite you to join their panel of inspiring female leaders for an outcome driven discussion about what you can do to combat gender inequality within your sphere of influence.

Where: Work Club Level 8 / 99 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000 | When: Doors Open 5:30 pm, 6:00 pm Start

The event is designed to increase awareness of Lean-In circles and to call to action women in leadership to look at ways to implement programs to support their female staff in their desire to move forward.

I’m excited to support with performance on this special day, a launch of “In Her Pursuit- Where We Leave Each No Woman Behind”.

I’m thinking about what I wanted to share so I’ve chosen these 2 songs as part of performance, Light years – because I think about all the amazing creatives and entrepreneurs I’ve worked with and how they have had to give up so much to keep being available for what they believe in and what they stand for. It’s those who have waited and worked hard putting blood sweat and tears into their passion and purpose

Celebrating women, who are like an explosion in the universe only sometimes we don’t see that explosion til it hits our eye light years in the future.

I am also singing Livewire which represents the fire inside each woman who has passion, who is a fierce force to be reckoned with in this world.

Happy International Woman’s Day and I sincerely acknowledge you all my soul sisters!
xoxo Anikiko