Instagram Approves Your Enoughness!

Instagram Approves Your Enoughness!


Enough already!

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Lets be honest here. Did you check your FB or Instagram likes today already about a post you made?

If you are a human being you will likely be affected by there being thousands of likes or none on a post.

Nothing wrong with that at all, however, it is interesting to see your response. And guess what, whether the response is in relation to Insta, FB or twitter or whatever else you use it all boils down to feeling your relationship with the environment you choose to be in whether it is online or in the world.

How aligned you feel to the world you are in or the world you create is essential to this conversation about KNOWING, OWNING and BEING more than enough.

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When you have the mindset and the “energy” set of being more than enough the world around starts to co-create that alignment of all things working for you. However, until that point, things can feel a little disjointed and or out of the flow.

If you are on my mailing list, I recently sent you something about ditching heartache as it is very relevant to something special I am launching this Wednesday at 8 pm. 

Ditching heartache or some kind of pain you may be experiencing is essentially focusing your energy, your being and vibration toward feeling your “enoughness” on all levels. Sometimes you hold a  pain at a level of your being that has caused that “glitch” and infected other parts of life like business, work, family relationships just because you feel betrayal, or heartache at some level. 

It relates to enough being enough on all levels of your being. Being DONE with the dramas of heartache and taking on every one else’s stuff, being done on all levels with feeling like you have to BE MORE, DO MORE, HAVE MORE just to be accepted or for YOU to allow and accept into your life your next level.

Did you know that the level and frequency of ACTION you take toward the thing you want correlates to your sense of enoughness?

It also relates directly to feeling fulfilled by the action you take, because lets face it, there are so many “successful” people taking heaps of actions but on the brink of burn out and not truly feeling enough or good inside.

Who decides you are enough? Your clients? Your partner? Your friends? Facebook or Instagram like?


And still, I find so many people saying “something is missing”……

Imagine if everything you chose to do from this point forward was from a place of “I am more than enough”

I am so excited to hold this space for you.

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Recently I was having a conversation with a client who has been spending the better half of a year trying to work out was wrong with her and why she could not launch her dream passion project which she has been actually investing time, love, skill into the last 10 years. She had not put a value on her time, her investments, her skill and was just plain disconnected from possibility because the program she was running was there will never be enough time, money and whatever else.

The language she was using had “limitation” all over it and I was reminded of how the language of not being enough looks like….. Not seeing yourself being “all that” or “having it all” or “just being OK” or entertaining thoughts like ” perhaps I could experience and have the things I deeply desire”. 

She is not the only one who brushes aside greatness and possibility.

Maybe you do it to on some level.

Are you brushing aside or treating casually something that you actually really stand for and value? Have you convinced yourself that you can’t have it or that it has not been a possibility?

I’m here to remind you that perhaps, just maybe ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….. 

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