I’m Embarrassed to call myself a human being!

I’m embarrassed to call myself a human being.

“Don’t go out tonight, it’s bound to take your life, there’s a bad moon on the rise “

What’s it going to take for humanity to just dissolve all this bullshit and work together?

We’re all born to a mother, have 2 arms and legs and a head ( those of us who are lucky) be it in a white, black or yellow suit, the inside is the same.

What will it take?

Some massive REAL world event or tragedy from mother Gaia to sort us all out?

Our current consciousness is causing all these crises in the world and more will come because we are so far from balance.

I see a bigger bad moon rising soon.

What will it take to sort us all out from the judgement?

From the racism.

From the human slavery and trafficking.

From the violence.

From the abuse.

From the hatred.

From the “we” and “them”????

I’m embarrassed.

We are light years behind what we could be doing in terms of the environment, ending slavery, ending disease, ending famine and ending an energy, political power and financial war yet those who have the technology and information to end this now won’t come forward, won’t share.

The SINGLE MOST POWERFUL thing you can individually do, which has been proven to change the collective field and community is to raise your personal vibration.


Feel, engage, behave, spend resources of energy, time, money and invest in what feels good, lighten you, eat clean, detox, think in terms of light, sound and energy, keep meditating or in prayer or in silence watching nature ….. create a piece of art, share it, be kind, do love, make love, connect to your soul, ask your inner being what it wants 10 times a day and follow the guidance.

We need more individuals practising their inner and personal energy management and mastery more than ever before for the old ain’t working no more….. the old outdated slow backward systems and thinking are done.

Vibration is the new mindset.

I’ve said for decades it’s the artists and creatives who open the doors to the future.

These words from Creedence Clearwater revival have never been so felt as now… “Don’t go out tonight, it’s bound to take your life, there’s a bad moon on the rise “

To Kevin Kelly, thanks for your work with this clip.

Produced by AniKiko and Fluid Perception Beats