I’ll be singing at Uluru Ayers Rock Australia for the highest shift.

Today I was speaking to a client about the law of #leasteffort which is one of the spiritual laws of success.

Now, I firmly believe that we have subscribed to far too many ideas of lack, “earning” money, having to work hard and believing that there are limited resources and abundance.

This then also feeds into the idea that it’s up to us individually to “make” something happens and “be successful”.

When I really feel these concepts and words I see how ridiculous these ideas and notions truly are.

Observe nature, observe children and observe the flow and you will see there is abundance everywhere and that’s the only reason there is a limit or lack is that because we have been sold to this idea.

In #truth, there is always a SOLUTION, always a giver and receiver, always an exchange, always a filling and emptying and nowhere in any way is there an expectation that it is up to you to do it all!

So when considering what you are launching or creating, know and recognise that it’s all about what you are willing to be witness to move through you and that it’s that which is least-effort actually has the potential to move mountains in terms of the impact you desire to have.

Now, this idea is so exciting to me as truly, the products, the music, the courses and the clients I get to work with and through every day is seriously just an extension of my breath and addiction to keep the creative tap of expression and service ever flowing in my life!

Here’s to the law of least effort and to keep being a vessel of massive results, experiences, abundance and anything else you dream of experiencing!

I’ll be singing here in Uluru Ayers Rock Australia for the highest shift and conjunction we have experienced in history…… I was born to be here and bow, with my family by my side.

I’m ready! Are you ready and with me? To hold and breathe life and light into all that transforms darkness to light and fear into love? Thank you….. and for those interested in the super exciting end-of-year slashed price program dm me…. it’s 29 December and like 75% off!!!