IGNITE: Symphonic Dance Anthems (June 5th, 2016)


Ignite was a splendid, uplifting event that has never happened in Sydney before! It was a great team composed of   DJ Dan Murphy, Sydney Youth Orchestra and Singers (Kristen Pearson, Peyton, AniKiko, Kathy Brown & Zoë Badwi) electronic musicians, lights and lasers who performed the largest and popular dance anthems from the 90’s to the present!


It was a night with tracks playing and pulsated across dance floors around the world! It was a great experience hearing, watching them re-imagined and remixed with the orchestra and other live instruments. It was a wonderful night of renowned artists like Anikiko singing the Saltwater – Chicane and others who performed on stage filled with talents and energy!


You can view more of the Ignite Images here: https://goo.gl/XPQT3c