OMG 10 years ago today I launched my SOUL NAKED BEFORE YOU ALBUM!

OMG 10 years ago today I launched my SOUL NAKED BEFORE YOU ALBUM… it feels like I’m a cat with 10 live and one thing that is for sure is this…

The only consistent thing woven through all my lives ever lived is music and transformation. It’s all there is.

In fact, transformation as a business is music to my ears and music /vibration/ creativity IS and CAUSES transformation in others.

I’m lucky to live both in one.

In 10 years, I’ve performed my dream stages like Opera House New Year’s Eve, dang with a full piece orchestra at VIVID, touted Japan and USA, recorded over 15 albums and made Music Nutrition, my healing solfeggio frequency brain enhancement brand.

Wow… If I die tonight then I am a cat who lived more than 10 lives AND birthed 2 kids.

The crazy reality is however that I have been broken and broken down.

Physically and mentally at various times.

So I decided to release the juxtaposition album of being human and more than human. Do you want me to an intimate part of the journey? Have you got my ONLY HUMAN album?

Join the Only Human Journey

It is free for 10 days of diving into how and why I wrote what I did. I love you. I thank you. I forgive myself for the pain I allowed myself to experience because it gave me such sweet music and perhaps music that you will transform with or though and enjoy!

Life and love are limitless. So are you!