How to Know Toxic People and Three Way of Removing Them from Your Life


Do you find yourself dealing with colleagues, friends or family who are consciously or unconsciously sabotaging your growth, daily activities or happiness? Dealing with toxic people affects our actions at any given moment. Identifying and understanding these individuals and how to manage them is crucial for your happiness, success, and well-being.

How to know who’s toxic to you

What kind of toxicity are we talking about? Do you find yourself feeling like:

  • Your colleagues are trying to control you
  • They disregard your boundaries
  • Take without giving
  • Not honest and they always think they right even when they messed up
  • People who don’t take responsibility for their actions
  • Create drama and still love to be victims or pretend to be victims

Do these things sound familiar to you? This is the first step in diagnosing toxicity in the people who are around you. Sometimes this is a pattern and at other times it isn’t always immediately. Toxicity can easily go for a period of time without noticing because of its different experiences, but its threshold is relatively the same.

So how do you go about and decrease the number of toxic people from your life?


It’s rare for any of your toxic colleagues to totally sabotage your self-improvements attempts, but if you let them it will happen. Toxic people will not accept your improvement attempts when you change your behaviors and thoughts, they toxicity around you will fall off. They will start bothering you less and eventually fall off completely.

Establish and maintain boundaries

Create a mentor boundary checklist and enforce them. Toxic people often push you to work harder, draining your resources in the process to please them. They make you compromise more and more and this can be exhausting. Think of what you will tolerate and when think that something is not right, go through the mental boundaries list and enforce them.

Surround yourself with healthy people

Toxic people can’t handle healthy relationship or friends. Removing them from your life can be painful, but to maintain your resilience stay in close contact with people who make you feel happy, safe and cherished.

You don’t need to dump people to remove toxicity from your life. Increase your vibrations and be positive and they will fall away. These have happened to many kinesiology clients. By learning how to change their thoughts and increasing their vibrations they have managed to remove toxicity from their lives.


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