How to Handle Uncomfortable Emotions in the Most Productive Way

Angry? Frustrated? Depressed? That’s normal. I was feeling it last week more than I have in the last few months but I realized that I was actually angry with myself for not “paying attention to the details” in some important matters. What’s my turnaround new empowering statement?

Let me explain…

Finances flow when you follow up detail!

Basically when you pay attention to the detail and really know your numbers in anything you do, where you focus you generate flow and energy. It’s that simple.

Find freedom in the friction!

Where there are friction and frustration, there is an amazing opportunity for growth and transformation. In every trial, challenge is there to serve that which you most want to create and experience so if there are friction and frustration, there is only freedom on the other side if you pay attention and surrender into it so to flow through it.

Uncomfortable Emotions are Normal

Anger, bitterness, hatred, resentment usually come up in Sydney Kinesiology sessions and this is inevitable and normal.

Unwantedly, we all feel these emotions at different times. So, what do we do? We don’t reject or suppress them or push them down so they appear in some other ways.

So, let me ask, have you felt disappointed and frustrated because of small reasons or did you shift to things that you desire without even knowing why? Triggers that are sitting just under the surface to some bigger challenges? Or are you full blown angry about something that you are not owning? To be honest, I have experienced all of these in my life, business, career, and relationship.

I have recently been through some of the toughest challenges in business and in relationship. Some of you know that I went into business with my husband in the hospitality industry and that has opened up so many unpredictable challenges I have actually not know how to deal with whilst being a new mother and still running Sydney Kinesiology along with the mother company True Voice Global.

There are days where all I want to do is pretend nothing else exists than being present and playing with my son, which actually is all that matters when I am doing this but the reality is, is that I cannot shy away from what I stand for and what I have committed to! So do I get frustrated and angry when things don’t happen the way I want? Hell yes!!!

How do I shift my state and vibration? I listen to one of the hundreds of Music Nutrition meditations like this:

If not addressed, anger and other strong emotions can accumulate so there’s must something must be done. You need to shift your anger out in a way that would make you benefit from or can make you become productive. One good example is getting grounded! Bring the energy out of your head and into your legs. Try this when working out. When you exercise, you can be angry with a goal to have a fit, healthy body.

Three Effective Techniques to Handle Uncomfortable Emotions

So, let me share to you my three proven techniques which I strongly believe will go well with you too:

1. As I mentioned, check out a Music Nutrition live transformation and have me guide you through with a deep dive into letting something go. Like this one for example:  Done with Drama 

2. Hold the front and back of your head and just acknowledge the emotions whilst doing eye rotations one way then the other way all around the clock. Say the emotion “I feel anger” or whatever you feel at every eye position with a small breath in and out. Finish with an empowering word or statement like “ I feel possibility” or “I am resolved” or “I am empowered” or whatever state you want… Check out state here on my Lucid Scale Chart 

3. Get out of your head and into a gym or walk. Just like I mentioned earlier about grounding or earthing when you bring energy into the lower body, you can create the capacity to shift overwhelm.

So every time you feel so negative in life, just let the uncomfortable emotions flow out. Bring them out. Get angry in a way that you are able to become productive in the end. When you let those negative vibes go, the space for love, peace, joy, and fulfillment opens. Embrace them and become the person you want to be – resolved, empowered, and fulfilled.

I can say that these techniques are effective as they allow you to heal and cleanse. It’s so important for you to let go of your anger, hatred, frustration, and resentments so that you will be able to welcome love, peace, joy and fulfillment.

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