How can kinesiology help you overcome depression and anxiety


People are battling with so many personal ailments today, and depression is one of them. To overcome depression means you have to be willing to do whatever it takes and first of all you have to accept that you are depressed. It is high time you stopped denying it. Kinesiology helps with depression, but it is not a guaranteed easy path. It takes time, and a lot of willingness to overcome depression and Kinesiology will help you through the journey. One kinesiology session is not going to clear all your depressive thoughts if that is what you think kinesiology does.

Many practicing kinesiologists will tell you it helps and it certainly does, but they might not say how long it might take because no one really knows. So let me tell you even before you begin, Kinesiology will help you with your depression, but it takes time, consistency and follows through!

There is a good chance that you will overcome your depressive thoughts if you:

  • Commit yourself to regular sessions and
  • Follow through the home reinforcements the kinesiologist gives you at the end of the session

Kinesiology is different from other depression-relieving methods in that it uses muscle monitoring to communicate with your subconscious and find out what is causing imbalances in your body. The good thing with kinesiology is that it helps clear everything out once it is done. Whatever you think might be causing your depression might not be or if it is it might be reinforced by other emotional baggage that you forgot but they were pushed into your subconscious. Kinesiology will help you relieve all the emotional baggage that is stuck in your body and causing your imbalances. Emotions are energy and through science, we know that energy can’t be destroyed. When we feel any emotion it needs to go somewhere and it goes directly in our body. When these emotions pile up, they become baggage and they might overwhelm you and you tend to become depressed.

To ease your depression, kinesiology helps release these emotions from the body. If you can be able to determine where these emotions are influencing you and where they sit in your body, kinesiology will help you get them out. Kinesiology involves the use of muscle monitoring and using this, you are able to find the deep heated anger inside you and release it. Once you try out kinesiology and release all your negative emotions and thoughts that are weighing you down, you start to feel lighter and brighter. You are no longer weighted down all thanks to kinesiology that will help you get to the bottom of it.

You are welcome to try out a kinesiology session with us and you will never be the same again. Our kinesiologists will help you get all the bad emotions causing depression, anxiety and stress in your life. You never know but what you think is depressing you might just be a tip of the iceberg.