Have You Nailed Your Life Purpose? Your mission? Your vision?

You’re allowed not to know! You are allowed to change!

The secret……. it will be completely evident in just a few minutes after talking to you.

How do I know? because I help people discover it almost every day in my life.

Knowing your purpose, your vision and your mission creates a spark that people are drawn to.
Not knowing it and living it can create an anxiety and state of overwhelm, that can shut you down.

Not knowing it leaves a gap of feeling like something is always missing and it can be exhausting to even keep up the energy to keep going once you’ve tapped into that gap of realising you were born to do more with what’s inside of you.

That spark may have been something you felt today, yesterday or a year ago but I invite you to take a minute and consider when it was and what inspired the spark in you?

I was recently talking to one of my amazing mentors who saw something in me that I had pushed aside because I was so intently focusing on another part of my life and I realised I wasn’t sharing my full suite of colours unless I added that other ingredient. I could feel the energy of lightness and flow surge inside of me and even as i think about that moment when I am writing this email to you I realise I am in my spark even as I write this to you.

Sharing your message and your vision even to those in your community or your family, friends and if you know your vision, or starting up a new vision sharing it in your social and business network is so important as it gives permission to be heard, shared and delivered.

So many people I work with who are ready to go the next level start to have those inner conversations or more to the point there is an inner voice having a conversation with them about opening a new door, connecting to a purpose and actually doing something with it.

Yes, I am talking to you, the one who has woken up and ready to break the circuit. The one who is done with the old way.

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