Grow through what you go through baby!

New birth, a new chapter, I continue to discover what kind of a woman I am becoming and birthing into.

Every child changes and evolves you. Changes and evolves your relationship and it is NEVER how you expect. It is ALWAYS next level evolving to whom you were always meant to be.

So many things I have been challenged by and letting go of expectations, for nothing except having this delightful gift is working out as I had imagined.

New opportunities have literally landed and one thing is for sure- when you choose your divine I AM presence, all the old identities fall away.

I’m scared and excited at the same time. I welcome the soul choices that have carved incredible new relationships in our lives and also shown me who’s growing n sharing some amazing rides in the new world we are all being invited to create.

I believe creativity and collaboration are the antidotes to what the external world of conflict and separation have threatened people into but not for those who are stepping up and through.

Grow through what you go through baby!

Claim your wealth.

Claim your wholeness.

Claim your abundance of energy and all things that serve you.

Claim your divine truth, power and love.

See what shows up.

Life is about to go to the next level ON ALL LEVELS.