Got a Heavy Heart? Let’s Lighten The Load


I am not sure about you but there have been times in my life where indeed I felt like nothing could shift a heavy heart. I guess the heart is the major organ that keeps everything pumping and when it’s shut down so does everything else.

Now I am not just talking about a heavy heart from a break up, even though they are the ones that I have suffered the most from, I am also talking about a heavy heart when it gets shut down due to disappointments, or when your head is running the show and not letting you speak up about something or when you are hurt by what someone say, did or didn’t do.

This happens all the time and can you imagine just how there’s a new wall, a new barrier that builds a wall around your heart, hardening it, making it feel numb to the point where there is little passion left and confusion about what everything is about. That ‘shut down’ actually keeps you in a prison and self-imposed fortress blocking health, love, money and fun or perhaps just stopping you from going deeper in an amazing opportunity that may be right in front of you yet you’re unable to access it.

Well, it’s easy to say and harder to do without the right system. How can you stay an open heart and keep that very life force moving through you? I know the ultimate solution! I will help you on how you can let it go and lighten your load through some kinesiologist’s techniques that I’m using for almost 16 years.

For now, if you are feeling heavy hearted and running stories in your head that keep you in a really low state, take time to retrain your brain, break the state or interrupt it with something different such as grounding your feet on some grass, or looking up a funny youtube clip, or taking a very conscious breath and recognise that yes, you are recognising how you feel and that you are choosing to shift yourself from that space.