Getting Back Your Clarity Through Kinesiology Sessions


Everybody wants to live a balanced life with no imbalances and finding the sense of equilibrium.
This is what kinesiology does. Using the muscles a Kinesiologist will assess your health state.
They use your muscles to detect the variation of stress in various muscle groups and if any imbalances are found, a kinesiologist will try and increase energy flow by manipulating certain points of your body or by using acupressure to help energy circulate.

How does Kinesiology help you clarify when confused?

Let’s first understand what the confusion is.

You know you are confused when you feel totally unsure about what you want to do. You talk with your friends about the matter, you weigh options and make lists and you can’t find sleep all night. But as truly as unsure and confused you might be feeling in that moment, you might be having more clarity as you think or know at the moments.

You might want to ask why this is so. This is why, clarity is what you are born with, what you are, your true nature and it’s obviously there underneath the confusing thoughts that surface sometimes.

To get the clarity you need when confused you need to ask yourself this clever question:

What am I feeling?
This is normally a difficult question to answer not because we don’t have the answer, but the answer is typically under what is disconnecting us. Keep asking yourself till you reach a ‘makes sense’ moment.

What do I want and need?
To get the bigger picture and aspect, ask yourself both questions because, what do I want tells more about your life and what I need tells about essentials.

‘Why’ keeps you on toes and brings you precisely to the answer, it builds a true desire of knowing your strengths.

What makes me happy?
Answering this will truly help you make a right choice, it’s like saying yes to yourself, but in order to answer the question knowing yourself is important.

What makes me depleted?
This question tells you what to avoid doing but to answer it you need to go back to question on.

What am I basing my decision on?
Make sure the decisions you make are based on your deepest desire and matches your values.

Sydney Kinesiology will work together with you to and help you define your specific needs which will lead to clarifying your confusions. Our Kinesiology session are will completely help revitalise and recharge your energy, helping you restarting again.


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