Go Quantum Masterclass

00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds There has never been a time more potent than NOW to consciously use SOUND, FREQUENCY & LIGHT to go QUANTUM Have you noticed that time has been speeding up? Or that you are more aware of the "vibration" or "vibe" of a person, event or situation? Are [...]

Miscarriage, marriage, music and miracles

This was just one year ago today. And now we have a 3rd Rasberry to bliss us with such joy…. Beyond in love with this being Eliska and my body for being able to give passage to the new Queen and even though we are still in recovery, I’m staying focused on just reminding my [...]

The Antidote : CREATIVITY

As you may or may not have noticed, the reaction is a misspelling of creation ….. Creativity, your expression, is pure light and far more powerful than the reaction or the addiction to being obsessed with what’s happening outside or in media which no one can trust. The media is not your experience, but when [...]

You’re not consciously dreaming enough! Are you ready to kill the safety switch?

Imagine if all the world you know was a condition and perhaps even a lie to try to control you? To keep you safe perhaps. Most people choose what they want and who to be based on the influences from media, from what others post they have (which unless you know and truly trust that person you don’t even know is true).

What are your non-negotiables?

Recently, I was speaking to an amazing mamma who said …. how can you do it? I cannot focus on anything other than my kids and then my brain is fried.
The only reason I can do what I do is because doing what I love is non-negotiable in my life.

You are the gateway. Your consciousness is the gateway!

You are the gateway. Your consciousness is the gateway! Will you dive into the fear and drama presented by mainstream media to elicit more fear and rage and disconnection?
How about that book, song or instrument you wanted to write, sing or learn to play? Or that book you wanted to read?

The Power of Four Words: What Matters to You?

Do whatever it takes to stay in harmony, in a verse of one love (universe), symphony and synchrony with whatever gives you freedom.

No matter what your universe, I dare you to step in and just fall in love with it as is. Even with the pain it may present. Use your words to spell out conscious creations you most want to see in your reality.

#2020 The year of balance?

This year I’ve been faced with many personal and physical challenges not to mention the impact of global issues right now. #2020 ….. The year of balance? It definitely has been one for creating that opportunity.

The way out is through!

A new mum and mother of 2 was my only agenda for the last 2 months and the next few months whilst balancing running a biz and now dealing with effects of this world disruption all while steering a ship and keeping the farm calm!

Genius Follows Conviction and Your Command

Your Genius Zone begins with you taking a leap towards your “knowingness” even if you are not confident and even if you have no idea what’s next. Genius follows Conviction and Command. Your inner genius always commands all energy to serve its greatest expression.

What is the inner yes and niggling little voice often reminding you of or wishing for you?